I’m on a passionate mission to change the lives of women who feel the same as I once did.

I have the experience because I was once that woman.

Since my days where I felt lost, like I had no-one to confide in, had issues with my body image and a terrible relationship with food I am now a Health and Beauty Coach that has competed in multiple fitness competitions, spoken on stages across Ontario, ran boot camps for hundreds of clients and provided makeup artist services for photoshoots, competitions, models and magazines for the past decade.
All of these journeys I have been on have given me the expertise to help you achieve your own goals, whether it be to lose weight, connect on a deeper level with your loved ones, or to learn just how important it is to take time for yourself so that you can feel as amazing, beautiful and strong as I know you are.

And when I’m not helping women gain back control of their lives and learning the latest and greatest about makeup, nutrition or exercise I can usually be found hiking one of the trails around my home with my husband and our dog Iggy, spending time with my family on our lavender farm or volunteering at functions promoting and assisting other female entrepreneurs in a multitude of businesses.

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