I am a Registered Homeopath, practicing in the city of London Ontario. I am currently treating patients around the world due to modern technology!
Homeopathy is unique in that every prescription is individual. A Homeopath takes time to understand everything about the patient and does not solely ask, ‘Where does it hurt?’ Most importantly, homeopathy is a safe, effective form of medicine that can treat most common diseases.
As a Homeopath, I treat the person and not simply the disease or condition. I spend a great deal of time with patients allowing them to detail individual health concerns. It is with this time, that I develop knowledge of the root cause of illness.  Together with my patient, we formulate a plan that will harness life control and treatment of the condition. If I am not completely confident that I can treat a person, I will refer him or her to someone I trust that would better suit individual requirements.
Through my practice, I empower women to become their own health advocate. Being a woman in its own right is a gift, but over generations, there has been a developing mentality that life is a chore to be done alone. Womanhood demands that we manage careers, marriage and families. We often lose sight of what is immediately important to us. When time is not devoted to listening to the body and understanding the signs, illness is inevitable.
The following are lists of health conditions that can be treated with homeopathy. Keep in mind that this is only a small list and homeopathy has healed so many more illnesses.
Acute Health Concerns:
Aches and pains
Cold and flu
Ear infections
Insect bites/stings
Nausea and vomiting
Sore back
Sprains and strains
Urinary tract Infections
Physical Health Concerns:
Crohn’s Diseases / Colitis
Eczema/ Psoriasis
Irregular and painful periods
Multiple Sclerosis / Fibromyalgia
Peri and Postmenopausal complaints
Thyroid complaints
Mental and Emotional Health Concerns:
Fears and phobias
Grief from loss
Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

Because I firmly believe in the connection of body and mind; physical health and emotional health, I work best with those who share the same beliefs. I work with people who are genuinely committed to learning how to become their own health advocate and understand that true heath is a process.
If you are looking for a natural way to treat yourself, or your family, book a free getting acquainted call today!
Keep strong and healthy,



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