I moved to Vancouver in 2012 from the Dominican Republic ( thanks to my beloved husband) and fell in love with this city instantly. In 2013 after my second daughter was born I decided that it was time for me to go back to work so I started looking and applying for the positions based on my credentials ( Marketing).
It was harder than I tought.. I heard many times: You don’t have canadian experience! Yes, I know.. But, how Im I supposed to gain experience if no ones gives me the chance? Despite of founding the leading Online Marketing Agency in the Caribbean, with offices worldwide running multi-million dollars campaings how can this be possible… But it was! So, I decided that maybe it was time for me to change roles! I always love Finances, numbers, people! The most important one was mentoring! I think everyone can achieve what they want, with the right tools and the right person guiding them along.
So that’s why I decided to take a role as an Advisor. With many companies to choose, I wanted to be in a company that puts people first, the one that gives you the motivation, encouragement and beliefs that you are changing people’s life!  The one that has the best trainning in the Industry, the one that has been in the industry long enough and had establish a strong leadership in the market ( since 1926)  and that provides a tool that no other company has: Written Financial Plan.. Yes, many people think they have one, but let me ask you a question: Where do you keep it? Is it with you or someone else has it?
I joinned Investors Group and as a consultant, I help my clients achieve their financial goals trought various areas of Financial Planning. I enjoy builging and maintaining strong and long relationship. From Investment advice, Life Insurance, Tax and Estate Planning, Mortgage, I ensure financial comfort, always and  foremost making sure my clients feel comfortable and understands the reason behind the strategies so they can walk away feeling empowered that they made the right desicion.

I love working with communities. I love sharing my passion and vision to women’s. I’ve held countless seminars to small and large corporations. Volunteer is a must! I love giving my time to organizations that supports and encourage people: Forum for Woman Entrepreneur, BYOBF, The City of North Vancouver, and most recently I’ve been appointed ad the Vice Chair of the Latino Canadian Chamber of Commerce and now Mompreneurs!!!!

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Financial Services