Downloadable Worksheet: Marketing My Business


This workbook is provided as part of the “Marketing My Business” learning module courtesy of Mompreneurs® Momentum Enterprise of Canada and the Coca-Cola 5 by 20 program.


When we define marketing, we build on a term we know: market. We know that the market we are talking about is not a specific place, but rather our current or potential customers:

  • Who are interested in buying products and services like the ones we sell.
  • Who can buy them from us or our competitor’s.

Marketing is what you do to attract new customers and improve relationships with current customers. It includes:
– Asking customers what they want.
– Arranging products and services in a way to attract customers.

This workbook shows you an example of “Ana” and the marketing plan she outlines for her small retail shop. It then provides a blank Marketing Plan for you to complete for your own business!

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