FREE Template: 24-Hour Time Integrity Worksheet


We all have the same 24 hours as everyone else in this world; ever wonder why some people seem to be able to do more with their 24 hours?

Here is the secret – it is called Time Mapping or ‘Chunking’.

You have been given 24 one-hour ‘chunks’ of time, or if you want to break it down further, 48 thirty-minute chunks, of time. Have you planned how to use these chunks? Have you ever thought about sitting down and mapping out what you are going to do with these chunks?

If you actually sit down and think about how you are going to use these chunks, you are more likely to stick to your time map and plan, and get stuff done!


This worksheet is provided by Sara Clarke, COO of Mompreneurs®, as part of the “Time Management & Goal Setting” learning resources – courtesy of Mompreneurs® Momentum Enterprise of Canada.

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