Mompreneurs Mastery Modules for female entrepreneurs

“Advancement Circle” Feature

If you’re an Elite+ member and  looking for additional accountability based on this month’s Mompreneurs® Mastery Module theme, you can register below to work directly with our HQ Team for the month, where we will help you track your progress based on the goals that you have set!

We target a select group of members each month to receive dedicated guidance. Please note that members chosen must pre-apply, and will be committing to our HQ Team that they will dedicate time and effort, if chosen, to working on the ideas outlined in the module in order to help further their business. At the end of each month, our HQ Team will highlight the successes that each member has experienced with a Mompreneurs® “Advancement Circle” featured member review shared with our community!

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Thank you for taking the time to submit this request and fill out this application in its entirety. Once received, our Mompreneurs HQ Team we will review and reach out with further information regarding the selection process and whether your submission has been approved for an "Advancement Circle" accountability session and featured member review!