2018 Mompreneurs Conference in Toronto

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Friday March 2nd, 2018

10:00am – 10:30am
Attendee Registration, Networking, Marketplace Open

Welcome and Day 1 Kick-Off

10:40am – 11:20am
founders of Mabels Labels
In 2003, four busy moms noticed a huge gap in the market for durable kids’ labels. Frustrated by their children’s things getting lost, mixed up and leaving home never to return, Julie Cole, Julie Ellis, Cynthia Esp and Tricia Mumby knew they could do better than the scribbles on masking tape that were being passed off as labels. After much research, they brought a brand new product to market. Enter Mabel – the very best personalized waterproof name labels and tags. Mabel’s Labels started humbly out of a basement and has grown to be an award-winning, market-leading company loved by Moms and kids alike.
Sandra E MartinToday, Mabel’s Labels is the best-known brand of durable labels for families, and our growing line of products features baby labels, child safety products, sports labels, household organizational labels and seasonal items. They’re extremely durable, they’re laundry, dishwasher and microwave safe – and they’re 100% guaranteed. Sandra E. Martin will lead an exclusive interview with all four founders of Mabel’s Labels, discussing how their “basement idea” and years of entrepreneurial success (and lessons!) lead them to a multi-million dollar, world-renowned, business.

11:20am – 12:00pmmompreneur Traci Costa, founder and CEO of Peekaboo Beans
As the Founder & CEO of Peekaboo Beans, Traci has learned a lot over the years about developing and fostering a powerful company culture in order to propel her business forward. We can’t wait for her to share her insights and top tips!

12:00 – 12:45pm

Luncheon Buffet (included for all attendees), Networking, Marketplace, Illumination Lounge (details below)

12:05 – 12:20pm
Illumination Lounge featuring Elite+ experts offering small-group discussions on:

12:50pm – 1:30pm


Dave Sanderson, Miracle on the Hudson

Recently named one of the top 100 Leadership Speakers in 2018 in Inc.com, Dave Sanderson averages over 100 speeches a year for major corporations across the world.

In his presentations, he shares and teaches “The 12 Resources to Create Your Own Personal Flight Plan™” , precepts that enabled him to become a top producer in some of the largest sales organizations in the world, and ultimately enabled him to survive the plane crash. In addition to being a top sales producer, he was Director of Security for internationally-renowned speaker, Tony Robbins.

In his book, Moments Matter, Sanderson discusses lessons learned from his experience during the Miracle on the Hudson, and how to take a potentially tragic experience, what he calls ‘you own personal plane crash’ and turn it into an opportunity to survive and “create your own flight plan”.

1:35pm – 2:20pm

Networking, Marketplace, Illumination Lounge (details below)

1:45pm – 2:00pm
Illumination Lounge featuring Elite+ experts offering small-group discussions on:

2:05pm – 2:20pm
Illumination Lounge featuring Elite+ experts offering small-group discussions on:

2:25pm – 2:55pm

For our businesses to survive we need to pay attention to our profits. We need to always be thinking and planning ahead. This panel will feature expert advice, guidance, and teachings to help you in business, with a focus on:
  • Cash Flow — how to manage and plan for profit
  • Accounting — how to tackle and reign in your accounting on your own
  • Funding — how and where to get funding to help your business grow


Amber Mac tech expert - speaker at Mompreneurs Conference3:00pm – 3:40pm

Tech guru Amber Mac will be sharing her top tips on social media and tech tools to help you grow your business and stay up to date with trends!


3:40pm – 4:10pm

Coffee & Dessert Break, Networking, Final Day 1 Marketplace & Illumination Lounge

3:45pm – 4:00pm
Illumination Lounge featuring Elite+ experts offering small-group discussions on:

4:15pm – 4:55pm

Kirstine Stewart, author of OUR TURN, speaker at 2018 National Mompreneurs Conference

The New Opportunity for Women to Lead

One of Canada’s most high-profile women in business, KIRSTINE STEWART is President and CRO at TribalScale, following previous roles as Executive VP of English-language services at CBC, Twitter’s VP, North American Media Partnerships and Chief Strategy Officer at Diply. A powerful speaker, Stewart talks about how the modern marketplace needs a new kind of leader—one who values partnership, collaboration and empathy and shares her story of success in the business world, as a leader and as a woman.

Closing Words & Day 1 Wrap-Up

8:00pm – 10:00pm
Interested in hanging out and networking in a fun social setting after dinner? Meet us at LOT 41 SOCIAL BAR & TABLE {655 Dixon Rd, Toronto — inside the Delta Hotel across from The Toronto Congress Centre} from 8pm-10pm on Friday March 2nd for our Ladies Night Out, a chance to mingle, network, and enjoy the night – option to participate in fun networking games, plus giveaways throughout the night! 

Lot 41 Social Bar & Table Lot 41 Social Bar & Table

mom_pink banner updatedSaturday March 3rd, 2018

8:00am – 9:00am
Breakfast, Attendee Registration, Networking, Marketplace Open

Welcome and Day 2 Kick-Off

9:10am – 9:50am
Vicki Saunders SheEO radical generosity Maria Locker, Founder and CEO of MompreneursCollaborating for Success
If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together” 
Women entrepreneurs are changing the landscape of the Canadian economy, and contributing to a new mindset, a new lifestyle, and a growing community of like-minded women who are determined to make their mark and create a legacy.

Day 2 of #MompConf will be begin with an opening from Mompreneurs Founder & CEO Maria Locker, and a special collaborative interview with SheEO Founder Vicki Saunders. Maria and Vicki will discuss why collaboration is key, how women are making an impact, and ways that all attendees can contribute to a thriving and empowering demographic of female entrepreneurs Canada-wide.

9:50am – 10:20am 

We spend a lot of time working in our business, but we have to make a conscious effort to work on our business as well, to consider the future and how we want our business to grow.

This panel will feature expert advice, guidance, and teachings to help you in business, and will explore some options on how business owners can protect themselves during growth stages.


Mompreneur panelists Jill Schoolenberg of GoDaddy, Tony O'Brien of Trushield Insurance, and Paul Gaspar of UPS Canada

10:25am – 11:10am
Break, Networking, Marketplace Open

10:30am – 10:45am
Illumination Lounge featuring Elite+ experts offering small-group discussions on:

10:45am – 11:00am
Illumination Lounge featuring Elite+ experts offering small-group discussions on:

11:15am – 12:05pm
Simon T. Bailey - speaker at the 2018 National Mompreneurs Conference

5 Ways to Create Customers for Life…
And Shift Your Brilliance in the Process

Customer love is a mindset. If you’re unforgettable, you’ll create a customer for life, and in the process, you’ll have the opportunity to become a business leader who is ready to take their company into tomorrow. Simon T. Bailey leverages what he’s learned over 30 years of working for six different companies, including the Disney Institute and The Ritz Carlton Learning Institute, to create memories that matter. Attendees will learn that superior customer service is a connection, not a product. You will be empowered to see customers as guests, create a personalized experience, anticipate needs, respond immediately, and capture loyalty through kindness. You’ll be a spark in that guest’s memory, transforming from good service into platinum service, and every customer will be one for life.

By successfully demonstrating leadership of laser-focused customer service, you will be ready to “Shift Your Brilliance”, Simon’s signature program created to solve a problem: help individuals get out of the past and think like a leader of the future. You’ll develop an enhanced sense of perspective, understand where you shine, and learn how to lead without a title to create effective change. The best leaders are the ones who lead differently. You are the director of your personal narrative. You have the power to reposition your team, your company, and your life by leading in a style that’s uniquely you. By the end of this presentation, attendees will uncover their inner strengths to reach new heights.

BONUS: Enjoy an exclusive meet and greet with Simon, where you can get a signed copy of his bestselling books Release Your Brilliance and Shift Your Brilliance!

12:05pm – 12:45pm
Buffet Luncheon, Networking, Marketplace Open

12:45pm – 1:35pm
Kimra Luna, mompreneur speaker, founder of Freedom Hackers
Building a Business Without Letting “Perfection” Get the Best of You
Kimra Luna is the founder of Freedom Hackers, and creator of the “Be True, Brand You” program. She will be sharing her entrepreneurial journey of going from being on welfare, to earning a 7-figure income, all the while being her authentic self.

1:40pm – 2:20pm
Break, Networking, Marketplace Open

1:45pm – 2:00pm
Illumination Lounge featuring Elite+ experts offering small-group discussions on:

2:00pm – 2:15pm
Illumination Lounge featuring Elite+ experts offering small-group discussions on:

2:20pm – 3:05pm


Kelly and Erinn of Kelly's Bake Shop and Lettuce Love Cafe in Burlington, OntarioThe 3 Most Important Lessons We’ve Taught Ourselves
Join Kelly Childs and ErinnWeatherbie as they share their most intimate and personal points of their entrepreneurial journey as mom and daughter; working together while their start up business Kelly’s Bake Shoppe was becoming larger than life; everything they dreamed possible; and more!
BONUS: Enjoy an exclusive meet and greet with Kelly & Erinn, where you can get a signed copy of their bestselling cookbook Made with Love, PLUS enjoy a delectable cupcake (gluten-free, vegan, and nut-free!) thanks to Kelly’s Bake Shoppe!

3:05pm – 3:45pm
Coffee & Dessert Break featuring CUPCAKES from Kelly’s Bake Shoppe, Final Marketplace, Final Illumination Lounge (below)

3:15pm – 3:30pm

Illumination Lounge featuring Elite+ experts offering small-group discussions on:

mompreneur Erica Ehm, host of the 2018 Mompreneur Awards3:45pm – 5:00pm
CLOSING: Announcing The 2018 Mompreneur® Award Winners
Hosted by Erica Ehm

We’ll take a closer look at the 20 Finalists for The 2018 Mompreneur Awards, highlight some honourable mentions, and announce the official winners of each of our four Mompreneur® Awards, including announcing Canada’s Official 2018 “Mompreneur® of the Year”!

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