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Why Money is Simply a Tool

Written by Korean Whitney

financial education - tips from Mompreneur Korean Whitney of WFG

MONEY. This word alone conjures up all kinds of pre-conceived ideas, thoughts and feelings. For a lot of people, these ideas, thoughts and feelings are primarily negative. But what IS money, really? It is simply a tool.

My husband has this quaint saying, “Honey, you need to use the right tool for the job.” This is usually following my attempt to use a stapler to hang a picture in my office – who keeps a hammer in the office?! He is, of course, absolutely right! That hammer would have made the picture hanging SO much easier!

Without understanding how to use the tool or what the purpose of the tool is, many people can and do find themselves in deep water. Consider this: What is a car? It is simply a tool we use to get from point A to point B. If we want to cross the Atlantic we are not going to be able to do this in our car, however – we will need an airplane, or we’ll find ourselves in deep water! How do we know the airplane is the better choice? We’ve been taught what a car and an airplane are – what they can and cannot do. Education is the key.

Should we learn about money in school?
I do a lot of workshops, speaking engagements and one-on-one appointments with families and individuals. Every time I ask this question, the answer is a resounding, “YES!!”

Ask yourself, “What did you learn about money in your high school?”

If you answered, “I learned nothing,” and/or “I learned how to spend it!”, then you answered on par with 90+% of other North Americans!

How long do we need money in our life?
For as long as we live – in other words, FOREVER!

Would a financial education help most people?
I came to this industry nearly 17 years ago, super frustrated with my lack of understanding, zero support and certainly no financial gameplan. I knew I wanted more for our family but didn’t know where to go to learn. Who teaches about money? It would be wonderful to think we could learn from our parents, however, a lot of parents are in the same boat as everyone else.

A lack of financial literacy has led us to the highest debt-to-income ratio in our history. The #1 problem of high debt is very poor savings – how can people save when every penny is spent on the cost of living (food, clothing and shelter), taxes and DEBT!


Would a financial education help most people?
Unequivocally, YES!

I am excited to share what I know about this world of money that has such huge impact on our world! Today’s message is simply an introduction to what I hope will be many articles shared and conversations opened. My goal will be to bring CLARITY and SIMPLICITY. I know you want to learn how money works. You want to become financially literate and frankly, you MUST! After all, who has a more vested interest in your money than YOU?

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Mompreneur Korean Whitney of WFG


Korean Whitney is based out of London, Ontario. She is a Senior Marketing Director with World Financial Group, and is passionate about helping others with financial literacy.

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