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What’s The Best Trade Show Swag for Your Brand?

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You’ve booked your trade show space, you have your marketing materials ready, now what are you going to give out to attendees to make them remember your company?

Promotional swag is one of the top reasons people attend trade shows. Everyone loves getting free stuff! A well thought-out promotional item can enhance the event experience for attendees and boost your marketing efforts, yielding fantastic ROI for your company. Here are some great swag ideas attendees are sure to love:

A Custom Tote Bag

Trade show attendees love getting a custom tote bag to hold all their event swag, and you will love giving them out! A functional and stylish bag is sure to end up in the trunk of attendees’ cars, used time and time again for grocery shopping and running errands. Your custom tote bag can serve as a reminder of your brand many times over and gets your logo seen by others everywhere the attendee goes!

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A Promotional Pen

Custom pens are one of the most useful giveaway items. There’s always a need for a pen! These small and convenient promotional giveaway items are also extremely cost effective for your company (a custom pen can cost less than $1) and are likely to end up on attendees’ desks, in purses, shared with co-workers and are used many times post-event, serving as a constant reminder of the interaction customers had with your company.

Seasonal Items

Why not tie your promotional swag to the season and deliver something memorable and useful to attendees? A custom toque is sure to be appreciated by attendees during cold, winter months, while a custom Frisbee (or flyer) is a fun giveaway item in the summer months.

A Custom T-Shirt

Whether you wear a t-shirt while mowing the lawn, running weekend errands or as a pajama shirt, everyone loves getting a free t-shirt. A custom t-shirt with your company logo or a fun saying or design can be a great way to make your brand memorable to trade show attendees. Custom t-shirts are great walking billboards for your company, displaying your marketing message everywhere the wearer goes in their community.

Top Tips for Selecting The Right Promotional Product For Your Brand:

When shopping for the right giveaway item to represent your company, here are two tips to keep in mind:

Keep Promotional Products on Brand: When selecting a swag item for your trade show giveaway, be sure to stay on brand with your messaging. Give people something that connects to the emotion you want them to feel when they think about your brand.

Solve a Problem: Want to be the most memorable booth at the show? Provide attendees with something they need! Think about what the audience attending would benefit from – a tote bag to carry all their flyers and swag? A smart phone wallet to hold their credit card so they can leave the rest of their purse in the car? Maybe you’re exhibiting at an outdoor summer event – would attendees appreciate a pair of custom sunglasses? Providing attendees with something surprisingly useful is a great way to instill a sense of gratitude in attendees and stand out from the crowd.

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