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The Most Important Thing You Need in Order to Succeed

Written by Andrea ArEsse

This morning I was once again able to meet with an incredible group of women. This group truly supports with an open heart. Moms empowering moms. Women empowering women. While many of our avenues are different, the common ground is the same : be our best, and work damn hard to turn those lucrative goals (or promises) into realities.

Where I am today is not where I’m going, it’s just a pit stop on a long journey that will be filled with challenges to overcome, and mountains to move. Where I am today is not the end, it’s the beginning; however, my version of today almost didn’t happen because for too long I allowed myself to be not only stuck at the beginning of the race, but afraid to even register for it.

The fear was crippling. I am not an expert. This was not the box I checked off in high school. The crystal ball did not foretell this future. In this new world, I am a round peg to a square hole, so how could I possibly find success? Each day I would wake up, and within minutes I would flatten myself. I would put myself back into the preconceived box, and I would tell myself that I wasn’t good enough.

So what changed?

I actually found something where the excitement outweighed the fear. I found something that fuelled my flame instead of snuffing it. I found something that, for the first time in a long time, made me believe in myself.

Now, of course you need to work damn hard day in and day out to attain it, but at the end of the day, if you don’t believe in yourself, that you are the best person for the job, that you are capable of achieving those goals, and that come hell or high water you’ve got this, then success will never be in reach.

I can. I will. I am.

“I Statements” command attention. They tell not only the world, but yourself that you ARE a force. That you DO have this. That you WILL attain your goals. I statements hold more accountability because in making them, you are actually telling yourself you CAN achieve them.

Don’t get me wrong, there is a lot that goes in to becoming a success. Work ethic, research, follow through, positive action, networking, etc. However, none of that would even exist without the belief that it should.

I didn’t believe in myself because it was honestly easier not to. It was a safe zone, and a form of self preservation. To overcome my fear I needed to change my perspective. So, I began to look at my fear in a different way, and I realized what was scarier than trying and failing was actually staying on the sidelines of my life. Sure, I might never be able to Bend It Like Beckham, but was I seriously okay with not even participating in the game?

Now, I believe. I found something that excites me more than the fear could ever cripple me, and I believe I’ve got this because I DO have this. I am bigger than a box. I am better than I was giving myself credit for, and I absolutely 100% know I will get where I’m going.

Maybe what I’m doing will have an impact, maybe it won’t (it will), but at least I’m having the courage to find out, and that my friends is something I can take to the bank!

You’ve got this, so stop waiting and GO GET IT!

mompreneur Andrea ArEsse mommy blogger and owner of Mom Knows Some Things

Andrea ArEsse is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Vancouver, British Columbia. She is an Author and Blogger, and owner of Mom Knows Some Things.


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