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Teri Holland – The Empowered Life Academy

Teri Holland is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Maple Ridge, BC. She is a Trainer of NLP, Hypnosis, Time Line Therapy® and NLP Coaching, and Founder of The Empowered Life Academy. We’re excited to share Teri’s Success Story!

Mompreneur Teri Holland of The Empowered Life Academy

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I watched my parents work jobs they hated. They would come home from work every night miserable and exhausted. At a young age, I decided that wasn’t the life for me. Then I found myself one day working a job I was miserable in, dreading going to work every day, and it was affecting my health. One day I had enough and I walked out. My husband (then boyfriend) was at depot training to become an RCMP officer and had no income, we had no savings so it wasn’t ideal timing, but I knew I could make it work and that night, I started my business and I made it work.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
Knowing that I am in control of my destiny. Nobody determines my income but me. If I want to make more money, it’s on me to create it. I determine when I work, how I work and when I want time off. To me, it is the ultimate empowerment. 

Can you describe a typical day?
I wake up around 7am (these days anyway, it varies) and I walk my dog Rufus to the coffee shop to get a coffee. When I get home, I do what I call a power hour: 20 minutes of meditation, 20 minutes of journaling and 20 minutes of reading. Then I head to the gym or out for a run. The rest of the morning is answering emails, and catching up on social media. Lunch is either at home or at a networking event, and the afternoon is filled with clients or creating content and marketing materials. If I don’t have clients, Rufus and I like to take a nap around 3pm. Dinner is at home or out with my husband and my evenings are filled with either networking events, Toastmasters, or speaking engagements. I like to be in bed by 10pm. When I’m facilitating one of my trainings or workshops it’s a totally different day and I’ll be up at 5am, in the training room all day and in bed by 8pm!

Who do you count on for help? 
My husband is always there to help me. On his days off, he helps me set up and take down my training room, run errands and when I feel like avoiding working on my upcoming book, he sends me to my office to write. I also have a great support network of friends who I rely on.

Have you ever had to sacrifice something at home for work? Or vice versa?
I have given up vacations to focus on my business but I don’t see it as a sacrifice. To me, it’s just making a choice to put my business first right now and it feels right. I don’t feel like I’ve ever missed out on anything.

mompreneur Teri Holland of The Empowered Life Academy

What do you do on a day off? Do you even know what a day off is?
I do take days off as needed. Once every 2 weeks I book a mani/pedi and take that half day off for me. I usually take a day off each week to hang out with my husband. If it’s a nice day, we take our dog for a hike and I love going for a big brunch and spending time in my garden during the spring and summer.

Are you active in your community? What does supporting local mean to you?
I am pretty active. I love to support local shops and buy locally made products. We also buy our groceries as local as we can and support our local farmers. I’m grateful to live in a community where I can buy fresh, free range eggs down the street and buy grass-fed meat right off of the farm.

Name another entrepreneur who inspires you.
It’s so hard to pick just one! I’m inspired by entrepreneurs every day. To step out and start your own business takes courage and it’s so inspiring to see. What really inspires me most though are entrepreneurs who show resilience and keep going no matter what. My friend Stefano comes to mind; he rebuilt his business from nothing after losing it all and his life savings in a factory fire. That inspires me.

Any tips for other women and/or moms thinking of starting a business?
I’m not a mom yet myself (unless fur-babies count!) so I’m not sure I’m the best to offer a tip to a mom thinking of starting a business — however, I don’t see why starting a business would be different for a mom or a not-mom. So my tip is this: just do it. It’s a lot of work and it comes with a lot of reward. Owning your business will empower you to be in charge of your lifestyle, schedule, and income… just do it!

* a version of Teri’s Success Story was previously published in June 2018

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