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‘Tis the Season for Colds and the Flu

woman entrepreneur with sick kids or a coldWe all know it – we’re right in the midst of cold and flu season, and that’s never a good thing. Research has shown that adults contract two to four colds a year, while children under the age of ten can average up to twelve. This time of year is especially demanding for mompreneurs, so it’s important that you have a strategy in place to deal with the inevitable.

Good management and pre-planning are the keys to running your business when you or your children are sick. Here are some tips to help you handle these extra challenges:

Work from home. These days, most entrepreneurs can do the majority of their work on their computers or from their smart phone. Make sure your home office allows you to work effectively – that means keeping printer paper well-stocked, having supplies on-hand, and preparing for emergencies before they hit.

Have a flexible, well-trained assistant. This person should be able to take over for you and perform most of your day to day tasks. Not only will it reassure your clients, staff, and colleagues that things are under control, it will give you peace of mind if you have to be absent for several days.

Have a back-up plan for childcare. Perhaps a relative, friend, or fellow mompreneur can watch your children in case you have to go into work for a few hours, or if you need to keep an important phone/video call that you can’t cancel and during which you don’t want to be interrupted.

Every parent knows that children often develop a cough or runny nose that can last for weeks. Obviously, you can’t keep them out of school or daycare for that long, but how do you know when to keep them home and when to send them in? If your child is exhibiting the following symptoms, they likely have an infection which can spread to others:

  • A fever above 99.5
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • Unusual tiredness
  • Severe cough or sore throat
  • Red and runny eyes
  • Rashes
  • Pain in ears, mouth, head or belly

So after children have been home for a few days, how do you know when they’re all better? Here are some signs that it’s safe for them to go back to school:

  • no fever for over 24 hours and it is controlled without medication
  • child has been taking prescribed medication for over 24 hours
  • rashes have been checked by a doctor
  • child only has a runny nose
  • child looks and acts like normal and appears restless


You know your child better than anyone else, so if you go with your gut you’ll usually make the right decision. And don’t forget – you need to take care of you, too! Dealing with an illness while tending to your business can be overwhelming, however with an action plan you can meet this challenge.



Written by: Karen Bivand
Featured Photo Credit: Piotr Marcinski