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Sustainability, The Key To Moving Businesses Forward

Contributed by UPS Canada

UPS Canada

Across the globe, governments, businesses and the general public are taking a stance to support local communities and environmental sustainability. Today, consumer buying habits are increasingly influenced by a businesses’ sustainable practices and with the ease of information gathering, shoppers are researching who they are buying from. Sustainable practices provide businesses with an edge over their competitors, it attracts global buyers and serves as a selling feature that allows Canadian businesses to grow sales.

Like UPS, Canadian businesses should increase visibility with customers and showcase their sustainable practices. Here are 4 tips to consider to give your business a sustainable edge. 

  1. Communicate your unique traits – Include an ‘About Me’ section on your e-commerce channels to help your consumers learn about your sustainable elements and what makes your business unique. For example: today consumers want to know if your product uses organic ingredients, eco-friendly materials, sustainable machinery, and if you employ people with special needs.
  2. Expose your selling feature – A sustainable element of your product or service acts as a selling feature that separates you from your competitors. Provide visibility to your sustainable business to attract consumers and grow domestic and international sales. An infographic, a testimonial or a short video can push the sale on your website.
  3. Offer sustainable shipping – Work with a partner who shares similar if not identical sustainable values. For example: as a transportation company, UPS is committed to using renewable and alternate fuels to maintain the well-being of our planet. Click here to learn more about this initiative or, to learn how to off-set your carbon footprint through UPS Carbon Neutral®.

  4. Go paperless – Allow your customers to participate in environmental sustainability by offering paperless electronic invoicing and payment. If your business is international, provide customs information electronically through UPS PaperlessTM Invoice.  Click here to learn more. Technology eliminates the need for paper which in not only good for the environment it saves on printing too!


Every business has selling features. As an entrepreneur, you want to highlight your sustainable practices and ensure your business stays competitive in the global market. Together, we can showcase your sustainable business worldwide.


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