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Small Biz Insurance Myths & How to Be Prepared

As the first direct-to-customer small business insurance company in Canada, TruShield understands the risks and challenges of starting, running and growing your small business, with areas of expertise in Home-Based, Professional, Retail Contractors & Businesses, Services Shops, and Skilled Trades insurance.

We at Mompreneurs® are so thankful to be partnered with a company that understands small business owners, and offers great support and advice to ensure that we are successful in our endeavours! Did you know? All Mompreneur members can call or check in for a quick and competitive quote!

TruShield has put together some helpful information, to guide you on whether your small business should have insurance in place, and some of the myths to be aware of when it comes to protecting yourself and your business…

TruShield Insurance for Small Businesses in Canada

TruShield Insurance is the direct-to-customer small business solution of the Northbridge family of companies. Northbridge Financial Corporation is a leading commercial insurance provider in Canada, and a member of the Fairfax Financial family. We are financially strong and 100% Canadian owned.


TruShield Insurance for Small Businesses in Canada

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