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Sarah Rubenstein – Trillium West Brokerage

Sarah Rubenstein is an Elite Mompreneur member based out of Guelph, Ontario. As a sales representative with Trillium West, Sarah helps people buy, sell houses, and rent while providing quality, dependable service that can be counted on. She does the hard work so her clients have time to concentrate on what’s important to them. We’re excited to share Sarah’s Success Story!

mompreneur Sarah Rubenstein realtor with Trillium West

What is your “WHY” behind your business/being an entrepreneur?
Prior to working in real estate, I worked for 9 years in conservation areas all over Southwestern Ontario with the GRCA, Halton Conservation and Hamilton Conservation Authorities. As much as I loved the jobs, I knew that it was not physically sustainable for me as my husband and I wanted to start a family. At that point in time, I could see that I needed some of the opportunities that working in parks as a lead hand offered as I transitioned into a new profession. Some of these opportunities involved long term employment, working with the local community and helping others, being outside and appreciating nature, changing daily routines and tasks, and meeting people. I found that they all fit within real estate.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
When I was young my father passed away, and my mom and I needed to be nearer to family for support. We had to find a new house, in a new city and there were some challenges. I remember my mom saying that she was not being shown a house that fit our needs and ultimately settling for what was presented to her. When we purchased the house that met some of our needs, we discovered it had issues and it turns out she wasn’t properly represented. Years later, it was my turn to buy my first house, and my husband and I encountered those same feelings when looking for a home to purchase — settling for 2nd best. There was this push to buy something even if it wasn’t necessarily a good fit just to make the sale, and an overall complete lack of information.

It was then that I decided I could be a real estate agent that would serve my clients and find their dream and forever home. I can serve my clients, to the best of my ability, and make sure they feel that their needs were met. I am, first and foremost, a support to my clients and I make sure their needs are met. The sale of the house is secondary to their needs — that’s important. That’s what inspires me to be a real estate agent.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
I love being able to set my own schedule so that I can have time with my family. It’s important to me that I can enjoy playing, guiding and watching our children learn and grow.

mompreneur Sarah Rubenstein of Home Life real estate

What impact did other people/experiences have on you, and how did they help you get to where you are in your business today?
My broker of record and co-worker/mentor made sure that I had the knowledge I needed in order to succeed. As a team, they provided all the information I needed and were open so that I could learn from them and had available for my use vast amounts of educational materials. They’re both personally and financially successful and assured me that as long as I followed the path they knew was successful that I too would succeed. My husband, too, has been my rock through 3 difficult pregnancies and for believing in me while I stepped away from one career path to start another in sales. My mother and an awesome team of babysitters are always there for me when I need coverage so I can help clients. I am very fortunate to have so many people that I can rely on from trade workers (whom I trust will do a great job for my clients) to personal support and babysitters. It takes a village to be successful in this line of work and without all of them behind me to help with the challenges I would not be where I am today!

What values do you believe in and live by, and how do they shine through when it comes to your role as a business owner?
I believe in helping others and knowing that with every person I connect with in business and in my personal life I am caring and can be of help. I believe the care and love that we give to our children will also help them as they grow and become adults. I believe the values I live by help my clients to be properly prepared and so they have the knowledge to help them make decisions to buy their dream home and help to make the transition a lot smoother for everyone. They know what’s happening, what to expect next and all of their available options so that they can make the best-informed decisions for themselves.

What are you most proud of when it comes to your business/being an entrepreneur?
Hopefully showing my children that if you work hard, you can make anything happen, even against great odds and to go out there and just give it your best in life. When you envision and believe it, great things will happen.

mompreneur Sarah Rubenstein, realtor with Trillium West

What does the future look like for you and your business?
When I look at my future, I see myself at my children’s events. Whether they are in sports or music or whatever they choose, I want to be there to cheer them on. I see my husband and I being able to make our dreams happen because of the business I have built helping others. I want my business to continue growing and my clients to be able to expand their portfolios, whether it’s buying their first house instead of renting or jumping into an investment property with the knowledge and support they have.

Any tips for women thinking of starting a business?
Don’t give up! It will be hard, but it’s the challenges that take us to new heights and make us better. Keep going, you absolutely can do it.


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