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Samantha King – Fempire Builders

Samantha King is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Barrie, Ontario. She is a Business Consultant and Mastermind Facilitator with Fempire Builders, where her core purpose is to support the growing number of women entering the world of entrepreneurship by creating a community of women who empower and support each other through mastermind groups, education and mentorship as we all build the lives of our dreams while creating the work/life balance we crave. We’re thrilled to share Samantha’s Success Story!

mompreneur Samantha King of Fempire Builders

About Fempire Builders
Just as it takes a village to raise a child, so to it takes village to build a business. Whether it’s clients, suppliers or just fellow entrepreneurs to hold us up and help us see the way forward, there are many people involved in the successful growth of a business. Through our mastermind programs and online training, we bring our tribe together to collaborate, empower, and hold each other accountable as we aim to stay focused while balancing working and “life-ing”. At the end of the day my business is about community. By bringing all the Fempire Builders together, we can all help one another achieve what we are looking for. To me, that’s powerful.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I have always wanted to be my own boss, so to speak. Time freedom and being in charge of my own destiny were the BIG drivers initially. But it wasn’t until my then 4 year-old daughter, Penny, was diagnosed with autism, after 2.5 years of going through the motions leading up to that diagnosis, that I finally took the leap into entrepreneurship. Fempire Builders really came out of my need for something different. A need for more flexibility along with more of what I wanted, after receiving Penny’s diagnosis combined with a bad bout with post-partum depression. I wasn’t going to spend my timing doing things if they didn’t make my heart sing. That just wasn’t me anymore. I couldn’t bare it.

mompreneur Samantha King of Fempire Builders - daughter Penny

Furthermore, I was now officially a special needs Mama, and what would be required for Penny’s care would make me effectively unemployable to most employers – a fate many special needs parents face.

When my maternity leave ended in May 2016, I took my 8+ years experience in teaching, telesales, corporate sales and marketing, and client service management in the small business world and started my business and now here I am.

What is your “WHY” behind your business/being an entrepreneur?This is never an easy question to answer. I know why I do what I do as a business, sure. But this question has a bigger meaning than that to me. At the end of the day, I am doing what I am doing because I want my daughter to grow up in a different world than I did. One with more women running their own successful companies. One where women come together to help and collaborate as one instead of ripping each other apart. One where women are empowered to live the lives they dream of – on all levels.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
Owning my own business is harder than I thought it would be. Finding a balance between working and mommying is near impossible some days. It requires just as much personal growth as it does professional development, BUT, through all that, I have time with my kids, the flexibility to experience the life I want, and I get to help and contribute to a WHY of my choosing.

mompreneur Samantha King of Fempire Builders - family

Can you describe a typical day?
Typical days don’t exist in my world. In addition to being a special needs Mama, I also homeschool my kiddos. My husband works shifts and is home through the week instead of on the weekend. If I was pressed to define a typical day, I could only answer by saying a lot of juggling, a lot of flexibility, and a lot of prioritizing. Here I don’t mean flexibility to do what I want. Nope! Here it’s about flexibility of thought and a great ability to prioritize.

Every evening, I end the night by making a list of MUST GET DONE tasks for the next day. This list has been known to include a sprinkling of work, homeschooling tasks and therapy homework for Penny. I limit it to five things because I’m lucky if I am going to get that done most days. That’s my way of setting myself up for success. But that flexibility and prioritizing kick in, come the morning as my days can kick into overdrive…in a completely different direction that has me yelling DETOUR and making choices to prioritize that list of five tasks down to two on the fly.

Who do you count on for help?
I couldn’t do it without help. I don’t have all the answers nor do I have the time to do everything myself. As I tell my coaching clients and the members of the Fempire Builders community, I don’t think I have 48 hours in my day. I just know when to rely on the others around me. I know when to invest in the services of others so that I can spend more time doing what I do best to generate revenue in my business.

I must also point out that my husband, my sister, and my own mastermind group help me tremendously.

Have you ever had to sacrifice something at home for work? Or vice versa?
ALL. THE. TIME. And recently. My newest adventure in homeschooling has come out of a need to do what’s in the best interest of my daughter. As a former teacher with familiarity with the curriculum, I wasn’t daunted by that aspect of my new norm. However, my workaholic side was not so brave, but, while it is taking time to adjust, it has actually been great for my business in the long run. I’ve had to niche down, zero in and focus intensely on where my business is going. I’ve had to rejig some timelines. I’ve had to say no a lot more than I initially wanted to. But because of this, I am clear on what my business does and does not do, can make decisions for my business without doubt, and am confident that I am on the right path…and my heart is singing all over the place now.

What do you do on a day off? Do you even know what a day off is?
Days off are difficult for me, I won’t lie. As a workaholic, I spend a lot of time feeling behind or worrying that I am missing a deadline or forgetting something. While these days off are usually centred around family time and creating memories and having experiences that we have only dreamed of, not worrying about the working I’m not doing is still a work in progress at this point. But it will come with time.

What does the future look like for you and your business?
My business is about community. As my work as a mastermind facilitator and online trainer grows internationally, I will be adding a membership site to my plate of offerings so that I can serve and bring together Fempire Builders in a whole new and exclusive way.

mompreneur Samantha King of Fempire Builders

Any tips for women thinking of starting a business?
A business plan is worth the time. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through my transition to homeschooling, it’s the power of knowing where your business is going. Without my business plan to help me through this transition, I would’ve been completely lost. It was the difference between going back to square one, or not. A business plan is something I encourage all of my clients to have, and I have never been so grateful for mine.

An earlier version of Samantha’s Success Story was previously published in October, 2017.

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