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How PayPal Can Help Grow Your Business

As a mompreneur, Milli Fox has done it all. She has worked as a doula and a nutritional therapist specializing in fertility. Today, she is the founder of Junior Foxes, a booming business specializing in chic baby carriers and a verified influencer on social media who shares her message of self-love and girl power as a success coach across the country.

With her uber busy lifestyle as a boss and mom-of-one, she’s learned how to be efficient and maximize each minute of her time, especially in her business dealings. Finding systems that work is critical, she said. Using PayPal to get paid and invoice her customers is one of the ways she saves times every day.

“I log into my PayPal account all the time so I love that I don’t have to leave the platform to find another service to help me create invoices for my customers,” she said. “It’s really easy and user-friendly and makes it easy to do business.”

mompreneur Milli Fox uses PayPal for online e-commerce gateway

They are fully customizable, allowing business owners to include a company logo, applicable discounts, item descriptions, tip options and more. It also allows a business owner to pick a currency to issue the invoice in, which is essential for sales that are outside Canada. It’s free to send an invoice, you pay only when you get paid. A link on the invoice makes it easy for customers to pay, even without a PayPal account.

Managing invoices is also quite simple. Business owners can send out estimates, schedule invoices for future and recurring services and at a glance, take a peek at what’s been paid and which payments are still outstanding. Tax season tends to be complicated for entrepreneurs but Milli says she breezes through it with the life hacks she’s carved out for herself. “My accounting software lets me log in through PayPal to integrate my information which means it can access the invoices they need. It’s so easy.”

Finding a system that works is just some of the advice that Milli shares with fellow entrepreneurs. The most important thing she focuses on in her coaching business is reminding women to trust their instinct and to silence the voices that breed doubt.

“The biggest mistake women make is thinking they’re not ready. Also, analysis paralysis – taking too much time to research, believing you’re not ready or not good enough. These are the beliefs we have that hold us back from taking the next step.”

Running a business is a lot like parenting where a lot of the time, you have to take a leap of faith and believe everything will work out as it should.

“Just get going. Start taking action and you can course-correct along the way. Action is always more powerful than intention. Done is always better than perfect. Just get it off the ground and make it pretty later.”

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