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Meet Our Award Finalists: Top Tips from Sarah Willey

Sarah Willey is Standard Mompreneur member based out of Edmonton, Alberta. She is a finalist for The 2017 Mompreneur Startup Award, as founder of Mama Knows Luxury.

Mompreneur Award finalist Sarah Willey of Mama Knows Luxury

Sarah’s Journey to Creating “Mama Knows Luxury”:

Extreme Knitting and Crocheting has been growing in popularity rapidly over the past few years. Until recently, Canadians could only source supplies from international sources and faced many obstacles in doing so. We set out to build strong wholesaler relationships, to work with local designers and creators and to bring here products to Canadian artisans and hobbyists at an affordable price and with a full customer service experience. Over the past year we have focused on building the Mama Knows Luxury Brand and have expanded our product line to include innovative and unique handmade tools, finished blankets and other items crafters and yarn artists want. Our Extreme Wood Tools are handcrafted in Alberta by a family owned business, our wool is sourced from family collectives around the world and we are committed to staying focused on being real people who help other real people pursue their goals and desires to work with our luxury products or give our items as gifts to loved ones!

Specializing in luxury Merino Big Stitch Yarn and Locally Handmade Giant Knitting and Crocheting Tools, we are the first in Western Canada to bring these extremely popular products to both Canadian and International markets. Our wool is ethically and sustainably sourced and of the highest quality. Our focus is Customer Service and we have built a reputation for being helpful and approachable!

The Top Things Sarah Couldn’t Succeed Without as a Mompreneur:

  1. My dedication to Being Flexible! Being a Momboss means that life intends to constantly throw curve balls at you. Being flexible does not come naturally, I am a stubborn person and I am proud of my determination. But, I learned long ago that you become a better Mom, a better Business Woman and a happier person as soon as you stop fighting against the things you can’t control and teaching yourself to adapt instantly and adjust the planned itinerary accordingly.
  2. My Girl Tribe! Over the past few years I have built my tribe. This is my core group of women, these women believe in me 1000%, I truly could not get through the difficult days without them. Every woman needs to find her tribe, the group of women who support her unconditionally, who celebrate her wins as if they were their own and who pick her back up every time she falls.

  3. My Reset Button! I built myself a “reset button” when the business started to grow faster than I was prepared for. I found myself so stressed that I wasn’t doing a great job at anything! My personal reset button is a quiet cozy corner of my sofa, a pen and paper so that I can dump everything that’s flying around in my head onto paper and a few moments alone to reset and put a new plan in place. Every Mompreneur should find her own personal “reset button”!
  4. My Determination and Motivation! Building a business comes with so many difficult decisions, setbacks, problems; it is not for the faint of heart. One must find a way to continually motivate themselves to put in the hours, dust themselves off when they hit a wall and create a steely determination to achieve the success they seek!
  5. My Family! I wouldn’t be a Mompreneur without them. They are the reason I am where I am today and they are the reason I push harder to be better everyday. We must make sure that we are giving them the love and attention that they need! We must set the time aside for them and honour it! My family gives me so much flexibility, they are my number one tribe, they support me and honour me when I need to activate my reset button and they revive my determination and motivation every single day. In return I do my very best to ensure they know how grateful I am to have them and how special they truly are to me!

Join us on March 3/4 in Toronto for The 2017 National Mompreneurs Conference, where we will announce all of our 2017 Mompreneur Award winners – LIVE at the event!

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