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Meet Our Award Finalists: Top Tips from Paula Alblas

Paula Alblas is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Puslinch, Ontario. She is a Finalist for The 2017 Mompreneur Award of Merit, celebrating her success as a consultant with Stella & Dot.

Mompreneur Paula Albs with Stella Dot

Paula’s Journey to Entrepreneurship:

My journey to becoming an entrepreneur started most like other moms. I wanted to find something that worked around my home life, not the other way around. I was looking to make a little extra income to take our family on those vacations that I did enjoy so much. Enter Stella & Dot!

But this journey would not have taken the path it has if it had not been for me stumbling upon a Mompreneur meeting that May day. By joining Mompreneures I was inspired. The women I had met at that one meeting lit a fire underneath me like nothing I had ever felt before. Being around like minded women was the most powerful tool I have ever encountered! So I guess you could say I stumbled and then because of our Mompreneur Tribe, I conquered. So what inspires me everyday are the fabulous women I continue to meet along this journey!

Paula’s Tips for Other Women Thinking of Starting a Business:

  1. DONT BE AFRAID TO SHOW PEOPLE THAT YOU LOVE WHAT YOU DO! Shout it, be weird, be passionate, talk about it whenever you can! People admire passion because it shows focus and dedication. It takes commitment to be passionate about something and to be happily successful you need to be! If you don’t love your work, it will end up just being another JOB. The other day I met a fabulous designer. She was so passionate about her job and her designs, I was compelled to run out and buy something from her. This is the secret! When you love what you do, people are automatically attracted to you. They see your passion. They see your drive and believe in you. In the past, I had tried my hat at 2 other Direct Sales Businesses, but I had never made it past the first party. Why? Because I knew the potential with Direct Sales, I loved the business model, but I was not about the candles or the Tupperware. But add a little sparkle and HELLO you have a hit!
  2. NETWORKING. Without networking my business would not be where it is today. Mompreneurs saved me from making a HUGE mistake and believing my family and quitting before I had even started. At my very first meeting, I knew that this was for me and I was all in! Not only do you meet wonderful fellow entrepreneurs, a lot of groups have teaching aspects as well. You can learn substantially from them. Be your own brand ambassador, showing people why they are wanting to work with you.
  3. TRADE SHOWS. Anyone who is in business needs to invest in their business by doing trade shows. This is where you get yourself and your product out in front of a crowd where you might not have the opportunity to meet that person. Most importantly it is NOT ABOUT THE SALES. Too often, I believe this is where people get lost. They feel they lose money at that show if they have not made it back in sales. For me if I can book 1 trunk show from that show, the ripple effect will begin. It is all about the connections.
  4. DON’T DISCOUNT FOR ANYONE! Demonstrate to your clients how valuable your product is by always charging what it is worth! They will value it only as much or as little as you do. Whenever you discount you are taking added value from your bottom line-profit. So, don’t do it. Instead create a value to your product. For instance, Stella & Dot created an amazing return policy. If you have any issues within 12 months from purchase they will replace the item! And people will come to you. Research in your industry and remain in the norm.
  5. PAY ATTENTION TO YOUR CUSTOMER! I don’t think I can emphasize this one enough. When your waiter doesn’t pay attention to you, how do you tip? It is the same thing to get a return customer. If you did not go out of your way for them based on what you noticed, or didn’t make them feel understood, chances are they will not come back. It will only add a little extra attention to that sale or conversation. But I guarantee the outcome will be so worth it!

Join us on March 3/4 in Toronto for The 2017 National Mompreneurs Conference, where we will announce all of our 2017 Mompreneur Award winners – LIVE at the event!

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