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Meet Our Award Finalists: Top 5 Tips from Jacqueline De’Ath

Jacqueline De’Ath is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Surrey, BC. She is a finalist for The 2017 Mompreneurs Momentum Award, representing her service-based DIY company Homeworks Etc. Kids!

Mompreneur Jacqueline De'Ath of Homeworks Etc Kids, Finalist for 2017 Mompreneurs Momentum Award

The Vision Behind Jacqueline’s Business

“With Homeworks Etc. Kids, I encourage other women to create a special space for their child that builds connection, encourages a sense of belonging, showcases achievements, is a place to sleep securely, play creatively, grow confidently, and is a place to be loved just for being them!

My business started with my passion for DIY and Design, but what I’ve learned over the years is that there is more to this than just decorating!  A home creates and impact on our children, what we surround them with, the messages we subliminally send with what we put on the walls. I want to help you create a space that reflects your child’s personality and interests. Whether you are decorating one piece at a time, ready to DIY, or designing a full room makeover, we are here to help.  Mix and match from our decor collections and designs including wall hooks, growth charts, wood letters, canvas, signs and more.”

Top 5 Things Jacqueline Couldn’t Succeed Without as a Mompreneur:

  1. NETWORKING: Join the Mompreneur Network. Don’t just join. Attending regularly is the key to success. I have gained so many new connections and as a result, have gained so many new supportive friendships! Being accountable to yourself and your fellow members helps you to set and achieve your business goals.
  2. CONFIDENCE: Be the expert, even if you are unsure. Even if you are nervous and don’t think you qualify to public speak, say YES and do it anyway! This will eventually become your new normal. Allow others to learn what you are about so that you can be top of mind to the right person for new business when the opportunity arises.
  3. FAMILY: I could not succeed without the support of my husband, and children. Stu may not always understand, but he is always there to take on a project or responsibility to support me.
  4. DETERMINATION: This takes a lot of guts, a lot of hours, a lot of passion, a lot of motivation, and a lot of putting yourself out there.
  5. TECHNOLOGY: There are so many good apps that have helped me thrive with my marketing initiatives, and doing so on the run sometimes. Some of my favourites include: Word Swag, Repost, Layout and CrowdFire.

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