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Meet Our Award Finalists: Top 5 Tips from Duette Anderson

Duette Anderson is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Surrey, BC. She is a finalist for The 2017 Mompreneur Award of Merit, representing her career as a Consultant with SendOutCards!

Mompreneur Duette Anderson of SendoutCards, finalist for the 2017 Mompreneur award of Merit

What inspires Duette on her entrepreneurial journey?

“What has inspired me to become an entrepreneur is the ability to create time freedom. The flexibility to design my life around my family and faith being top priority. I love the idea of being able to take my vacation or days off when it’s best for me, and not having to compete with a seniority list or a boss denying my request. I was also inspired to become an entrepreneur because I wanted to be around other like minded people. People who are positive minded, have big dreams, and are action takers. Seeing the success of others and cheering them on, is what inspires me in my own entrepreneurial journey.

SendOutCards is a unique business tool for small businesses and entrepreneurs, that enables you to keep in touch with your customer database on a personal level through sending personalized greeting cards and gifts. You can access our ever-growing card catalog with ease using the SendOutCards app or on your desktop. In 60 seconds, you can choose your card, add your company logo, write your heartfelt, inspirational, or cheerful message in your own handwriting font and click send. Then SendOutCards will print, stuff, stamp and mail your personalized greeting card to any postal address anywhere in the world!! Yes, that’s right, it’s a REAL physical greeting card that will be mailed right to your recipient’s doorstep. Our gift selection is icing on the cake to this great service and allows you to go the extra mile to bring about smiles. With SendOutCards, staying top of mind, building and maintaining relationships with your clients has never been so easy.”

Duette’s Top 5 Tips for Other Women Thinking of Starting a Business:

  1. PERSEVERANCE “Perseverance, is the difference between success and failure.” When your in business, you will have challenges and obstacles. They are naturally put in place to see how serious we are about chasing our Mompreneur dreams. They are also meant to build resiliency and strength in ourselves which is needed to be a successful Mompreneur. So, when faced with a challenge look at it as a blessing and find the lesson. Reset, reframe and refocus, pick yourself up and keep going, don’t quit on yourself or your dreams.
  2. A POSITIVE ATTITUDE We all get overwhelmed from time to time with a never ending to do list. When I feel this way I quickly snap out of it by resetting my attitude and telling myself to focus on what I can do. Then I remind myself that it will all work out, which it does. Having this positive attitude creates a better energy, and allows me to stay focused on needs to be done.
  3. Find JOY and get CREATIVE – Have fun, and don’t sweat the small stuff. When life throws you a curve ball find a way to create JOY in the moment!! For example, I always find my little guy wants to be glued to my hip when I have an important deadline to meet. Rather than getting frustrated with him, I stop and take the time to create joy in the moment. I start by saying how grateful I am to be able to stay home with him. Then I make it into a game, one time I “interviewed” him and “hired” him on the spot. I got him to do small things like organize my pencils, type out an “important” document on a broken laptop. It allowed him to be close to me, which he was needing, at the same time he was having fun and was distracted enough so I get my work done.
  4. RELATIONSHIPS  The relationships with have with our customers, and family is very important. It’s also important to have great business relationships and a support system in place. Finding a Mompreneur chapter is a great way to start. When you are networking with like-minded women, you get inspire to be more, do more and achieve more. As a Mompreneur we sometimes speak a language our family and friends don’t understand. Having other Mompreneurs to bounce ideas off of and learn from is helpful to your business growth.
  5. STEP INTO YOUR GREATNESS When opportunity knocks, step up and go for it, don’t let the fear paralyze you. Let your light shine bright, so you too can inspire others to step out into their own greatness and shine.

Join us on March 3/4 in Toronto for The 2017 National Mompreneurs Conference, where we will announce all of our 2017 Mompreneur Award winners – LIVE at the event!

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