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Lisa Braun – Social Art

Lisa Braun is an Elite Mompreneur member based out of Kitchener, Ontario. She is the Owner and Artist of Social Art, where it’s all about bringing out the creativity in everyone! We’re excited to share Lisa’s Success Story!

Mompreneur Lisa Braun of Social Art in Kitchener, Ontario

What is Social Art all about?
As children, we are all creative, but so many adults feel that they don’t have a creative “bone” in their body. My goal is to not only have every social artist leave with a painting they love, but also to feel more confident when they leave. Art has this amazing ability to make people smile, laugh, relax and it can even be healing. So whatever a person may be feeling when they walk through the doors of Social Art, my goal is to use art and personal connection as a way to brighten their day, and make a difference.We hold social painting events in our studio, as well as in local breweries, that can take a complete beginner or an already avid painter from a blank canvas, to a finished painting in two hours. We use detailed, step-by-step instruction to guide them along, while creating an encouraging, fun, and relaxing atmosphere.  Its’s a fun night out for friends, couples, or just some alone time.

We offer public events on our website, and also do private events such as bachelorettes, birthdays, girl’s nights, fundraisers…. you name it.

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I would have to say that my family has been my number one inspiration for becoming an entrepreneur.  I watched my mom spend almost twenty years in a job that made her unhappy.  She moved cities and found a job in the same industry, and after one day of working there, just decided she was done. With no prior experience , she purchased a home decor/gift shop and became her own boss! Twelve years later she has adapted to change, and grown the business into a thriving women’s fashion store! She followed her passion and is totally in her element. My husband has also been involved in his family business for almost 30 years, and was so supportive of me when I came to him with the opportunity to be an entrepreneur myself.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
Owning my own business allows me to plan my own schedule. I never have to miss out on important events and I’m able to travel and take time off.  I’ve definitely learned that taking time to “refresh” is an important part of running your own business.  Even if you can’t completely step away, just working a little less and from a different location can completely re-energize you.
Mompreneur Lisa Braun of Social Art in Kitchener, Ontario
Can you describe a typical day?
I always try to start my day with a little “me time.”  I know that if I get up and go straight into my work, I won’t stop until dinner! The first hour of my morning I ignore the computer and phone and just relax with breakfast, and because most days during the day I work from home, I usually stay in my pyjamas a little longer than most adults have the luxury to as well! When it’s time to settle in, I answer emails, spend some time posting on social media and take care of all the other day-to-day things I need to do.  When inspiratation hits, I sit down and create new paintings. I love to keep organized with a  weekly to do list broken down by day so no one day is too overwhelming. If I have an event that evening, I usually go to the studio a little early so I can take my time setting up and again just enjoy some me time.  I love the anticipation just before the first few guests arrive.  Every event is so different; meeting people, seeing old friends, and just enjoying the impact that art can have on people is amazing.
Who do you count on for help?
Again, my family is my first go to when I need help. My husband is always willing to lend a hand, whether it be picking his brain, or literally using his muscle to lug equipment! My parents are also a wealth of knowledge and experience. Lately, I have been reading more as well.  There are so many great books out there and seminars to attend and Momprenuers has so many amazing resources to take advantage of! I’m still new to the organization, but I am looking forward to building a network of fellow Mompreneurs as well!
Have you ever had to sacrifice something at home for work? Or vice versa?
When I first started out, I think like most business owners, the business sort of takes the forefront of everything in your life. I wasn’t eating properly because I was working, and I was on my phone or computer all the time. Luckily my family woke me up! Finding that balance between working and home life can be tricky for an entrepreneur but it is so, so important!
Mompreneur Lisa Braun of Social Art in Kitchener, Ontario
What do you do on a day off? Do you even know what a day off is?
I think days off are important. I do have lighter workload days sometimes, which I will spend catching up on housework, or occasionally, doing absolutely nothing! I always make sure to have one full day work free every week.For me that’s always Sunday. I go to church with my husband, niece and nephew, sometimes go out for lunch, and usually spend the evening visiting with family, or just resting at home.
What does the future look like for you and your business?
Amazing! I am looking forward to growing the business, and introducing new and exciting ideas!
Any tips for women thinking of starting a business?
My biggest tip would be to do what you are passionate about! You want to be doing this for the long run, so do something that you love, so it doesn’t feel like “work.” Social Art is not my first business. I started out a few years after college in esthetics and make up artistry. I liked it for a while, but I was never “passionate” about it. After a year, I closed up and found a regular day job again. I later took on a direct sales business selling tea. I did very well, even earning two incentive trips. I LOVE tea, so it was easy to get excited about every single day! The same goes for art. I get excited when I create a new painting, it’s so rewarding to hear someone say that they have never painted before, and they love the artwork they created. When I am teaching a class, it never feels like work — well except for maybe the clean up! I love every minute of the person to person interaction, and the painting, and just the atmosphere at every event, and that is so important because your clients will feel that energy!
Mompreneur Lisa Braun of Social Art in Kitchener, Ontario
What is your “WHY” behind your business/being an entrepreneur?
My “WHY” is being happy and making others happy! That’s it! When I walk through the door after an event sometimes, my husband will say to me, “You really love what you do, don’t you?” Before I owned Social Art, I was a VERY regular customer of it! I loved how it made me feel so relaxed and upbeat, and I am so lucky and happy to be able to provide that feeling for others now. I get to build people up, and make them laugh, and maybe even learn something about themselves they didn’t know. What’s better than that!?
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