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How to Boost Traffic at Your Trade Show Booth

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Booking a booth at a trade show is just the beginning of your exhibitor experience. You’ve picked the right show with hundreds of attendees in your target demographic who are sure to love your product. Now comes the hard part. You have about four seconds to engage someone walking by your standard 10’x10’ booth. With so much to see at a tradeshow, it’s easy to get lost in the crowd. Here are our top tips for standing out from the crowd and drawing traffic to your trade show booth.

Use Social Media

Find out the event hashtag and invite people to visit your booth. But don’t just post: “come visit me at booth #x”. Give people a reason to want to visit you. What’s in it for them? You may want to offer an incentive, such as a free gift to the first 50 visitors or a product demo schedule. The event will often retweet or share your post, giving you even more exposure.

Dress to Stand Out

There’s a reason Entripy staff wear yellow t-shirts at our trade shows. Unless we’re attending a construction and safety trade show, we’re pretty well guaranteed that no one else will be wearing yellow, ensuring that we stand out on the trade show floor. Did you see those girls in the yellow shirts? How could you NOT? When getting custom t-shirts printed for your upcoming trade show, select a colour that will allow you to stand out, while still complementing your branding.

Provide an Experience

People aren’t coming to a trade show just to buy products and listen to sales pitches, they’re coming for a memorable experience, something they can Instagram about and tell their co-workers about on Monday morning. Providing interesting product demos or a fun contest gives people something memorable to talk about long after the event is over. 

Bring a Positive Attitude

A fun, energetic vibe will help attract people to your booth. If you look like you’re having a fun time, people will instantly be drawn to you and want to find out more about you and your product. Avoid spending the show hunched over your phone answering emails or on social media. Stand out from behind your table, put on a smile and engage.

Invest in Signage

Remember, you only have four seconds to engage someone walking by your booth. Tell people who you are and what you do in those four seconds with great signage. Avoid someone having to ask “so, what do you do?”. Your booth display and signage shouldn’t only contain your company name, but should grab people’s attention and instantly tell them what you do, so they don’t need to waste time asking.


Everyone loves free swag. While a custom t-shirt giveaway or promotional pens might drive people to your booth to get your giveaway, it’s important to qualify the prospective buyers from the “grabbers”. Have a few questions in your back pocket to ask people when they approach so you don’t waste time on someone who just wants your promotional swag but has no interest in your product or service.

Speak on a Panel

If the conference or trade show has a speakers’ panel, see if you can present on a topic your company is an expert in. This arrangement provides you with an attentive audience to present your pitch to. After your presentation, offer a special show discount if they stop by your booth later.

Staff Your Booth

Having the right people staffing your booth can make or break your trade show. Remember, the people in your booth are not just your friends, cousins or staff members, they’re your brand ambassadors and are the people prospective clients will remember when they leave the show.

Increasing trade show booth traffic takes some careful planning. By using some of these tips and tricks, you’re sure to have a successful show.

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