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How the Gig-Economy is Fuelling a New Workforce

While sometimes there are mixed feelings about direct selling, the industry is continuously growing with the rise in the gig economy workforce. According to Statistics Canada, 1 in 10 Toronto workers are now part of the gig-economy which has directly reflected the growing presence of direct sellers in the Canadian market and the role that it’s had on the Canadian economy. 

In their Socio-Economic Impact Study, the Direct Sellers Association of Canada discovered that sales have grown 5% in the last three years to $3.5 billion, which provided a total of $1.2 billion in annual personal revenue to independent sales consultants. Highlights from the DSA’s study are featured below:

Direct Sellers Association of Canada fact sheet

Not only does Direct selling contribute to the prosperity of the overall Canadian economy, but it also supports other Canadian businesses in other industries, resulting in more employment, income and sales in those industries as well.

In Canada, direct selling companies are represented by DSA Canada, who advocate to government on behalf of the industry, provide business support and networking opportunities to member companies, promote the direct selling opportunity, and uphold the need for ethics and integrity.

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