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How E-Commerce Opens Global Markets

By Paul Gaspar, Small Business Director, UPS Canada

UPS e-commerce for mompreneursWhere are your next customers?
The global economy is changing and opportunity for your company exists in markets that you might not have considered. Over the next 15 years, 80 per cent of the world’s economic growth is projected to come from a rising middle class outside of North America and Europe. These global marketplaces are ready to buy your Canadian goods, but what’s the easiest way for your business to reach them? One word: e-commerce.
Today, shoppers are empowered by their ability to connect to a global online marketplace, creating vast opportunities for Canadian businesses.

Are you ready to connect with new customers? Here are five steps to help you get your e-commerce store up and running:

  1. Get your feet wet: A good first step is to build an online presence with a store on eBay or Amazon.
  2. Optimize searching: People won’t buy what they can’t find. Searches can take place on multiple devices, so you need to allow for easy searching.
  3. Think through your inventory: Make sure you can handle the influx of new orders. Having the right inventory on hand or establishing a just- in- time process is essential to get your products to customers.
  4. Supply chain matters: Take a hard look at how e-commerce affects your supply chain and its implications for your business.
  5. Keep your options open: Customers value the omni-channel experience and retailers must ensure they have a transparent online presence. Consumers expect a consistent experience across all channels, ranging from purchasing methods (online, digital, mobile, & in-store) to delivery preferences, and flexible returns. Look for partners who can offer points of access for your business.

UPS international e-commerce

E-commerce is making new markets a lot more accessible. Get advice on international markets that can help grow your business here.








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