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Grace Moores – The Moores Group

Grace Moores - The Moores Group, Mompreneurs

Grace Moores has been a member with Mompreneurs® since the beginning in 2010, and has since advanced to become Corporate Accounts Manager for the team. Her company, The Moores Group, is dedicated to helping small business owners find the support they need financially in order to help their business grow.


What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
My family. I wanted to be home for them, but also make a difference to my families future.  Being self employed allowed me to set my own schedule to fit around my family, whilst generating an income.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
Flexibility. Being able to take my kids to school and back everyday.  Volunteering in their class or on field trips.  Topped off by the comfort of working from my own home.

Can you describe a typical day?
My typical day starts between 5.30am and 6pm. Normally with a short workout, then some me time to either meditate, read my books or catch up on emails, before getting the children up for school. My business day officially starts after I’ve walked the kids to school, and is normally scheduled with calls and follow up most of the day.  I then pick the children up from school and spend some time with them at the park or with friends. I normally jump back to work after dinner around 6.30pm.

Who do you count on for help? Do you have a network of family that answer the call?
Our extended family is all in the UK, so we have built an amazing support network here of neighbours and friends who have helped us out when we need it.  They are awesome!

Have you ever had to sacrifice something at home for work? Or vice versa?
My first business was corporate jewellery shows. I remember the first time I had to cancel a show because my son was sick. I thought I would never get invited back.  Everyone totally understood and my spot was held open for me.

What do you do on a day off? Do you even know what a day off is?
Weekends are famly time, we normally go for a walk at one of the local conservation areas.

Are you active in your community? What does supporting local mean to you?
I volunteer at my children’s school and also volunteer in some of the Horticultural Gardens at a senior centre, hospital and library. If we can support one another, we will all grow.

Name another entrepreneur who inspires you.
All entrepreneurs inspire me, we all have so much to learn from each other.

What does the future look like for you and your business?
The future is looking awesome, as we are seeing solid growth year on year. We are a marketing agency that specialises in sponsorship for small businesses with communities or members.  Helping our clients grow, helps us grow..

Any tips for moms thinking of starting a business?
First tip would be just do it, don’t wait for the logo, branding and business cards, find your first customer and learn, we all need to make mistakes to grow. Second set a schedule or boundaries so that business doesn’t eat into family time and vice versa.


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