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Five Gift Ideas for Your Clients

Written by Karen Bivand

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With Christmas around the corner, it’s time to start thinking about gifts for your key clients.  Whether you go for a classic or something more unique will depend on both your client and on your relationship.  Here are five gift ideas that’ll show your clients how much you appreciate their business:


It’s a classic because people love it.  Don’t get too fancy, just find something that most people will enjoy.

Tea or Coffee

You could either pick up a gift card to a favourite coffee shop or a basket filled with goodies.  Pair it with a mug and it’s sure to be a hit!

A Cozy Blanket

Think ‘cuddling up on the couch while there’s an ice storm outside.’ It’s unique, but with the cold weather on the way, they’ll love it.


Chocolates.  Cookies.  Cupcakes.  Enough said.

Business Books

Is there a book that you’ve read and think that your client would enjoy?  Pass it on.  They will appreciate the thought and it’ll help you build a stronger relationship.

Have a gift idea you want to add? Please post your thoughts – and happy shopping!


Written by: Karen Bivand

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