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Easy Ways to Create Big Goals

Written by Tessa Kampen

What’s the single biggest thing you can imagine that will grow your business or change your life?

It’s a straightforward question, but not an easy one.

Your answer to this question will take you closer to your BIG Goal – something more than just small improvements or modest growth. Let’s be honest, it isn’t very bold to just do marginally better than the year before. So when you’re answering this question, take a moment and think to yourself, “Am I thinking big enough?”.

Your BIG goal is not something that you will achieve in a week or a month. It may take a year or even years to get there. If that is the case, then you ARE thinking BIG! For example; if your sales growth last year was 3.5% and you are aiming for 4% this year, that is an incremental goal and you have a good chance of achieving that goal. But what if your goal was 15% instead? That is a bold move and maybe you’ll get there, maybe you won’t but making the attempt will mean opening your mind to different possibilities and thinking outside the box. Even if you end up with a 7% increase — that is way better than the 4% you were originally aiming for!

Here is a great tool to use when trying to achieve that BIG goal…

  1. Think about a current target. Now double it. What comes to mind about what you have to do to double it?
  2. Now think of a current timeline. Cut that in half. What ideas spring to mind about what you could do to halve that timeline?

The ideas you come up with may be powerful and may take some work to become practical. However, it is easier to make powerful ideas practical, than it is to make pedestrian ideas powerful.

Try this out for your next big goal and see what happens – you may be surprised to see that you are that much closer to reaching your goal!



Tessa Kampen Mompreneurs Guelph and Kitchener WaterlooTessa Kampen is wife to an amazing husband and mother of two spirited children, Quinton and Chloe. She is a Lead Community Manager for Mompreneurs®, ensuring that our growing community of members are supported no matter where they are located or how big or small their business is!




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