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Direct Sales 101

Written by Deborah Hilton


The basics of sales are the same within any industry around the world: you must be committed and consistent. Within the direct sales industry, there are a few key areas that will help you build your empire. There will always be other consultants out there that do exactly what you do, so don’t be the reason they look for someone else to buy their product from or build a business with! Future growth is waiting for you with a few small steps.

  1. Invest the time to develop a tracking system that you regularly check in with. Even a basic spreadsheet can provide you with a key spot to track your customer’s purchases, their favourite product, and when you last connected with them. Be consistent. We hear it all the time in direct sales: without follow up, you will lose business.
  1. Set aside dedicated time to follow up. And, pick up the phone! If a customer filled out a draw slip at a trade show, or placed an order with you, set aside the time to pick up the phone and call them. Texting and messaging is very convenient, but you can engage easier with them when you have a personal conversation. Sure, you might get a voice mail, and that’s okay. Leave a message. Even if they don’t call you back, it’s your desire to serve that will shine through. If you dedicate an hour or so each week to connect with your customers,, repeat business will be waiting for you. It might seem like a waste of time, especially when there are many points of contact, that don’t lead to an immediate sale. Direct sales is all about relationship building. It takes time. Be patient. It will come.

  1. Don’t decide for others. I can’t tell you how many times I haven’t presented the opportunity to someone because they were either already a business owner, or owned another direct sales business, or a multitude of other reasons that I justified in my head to not share the opportunity with them. Your job is to present the product or opportunity to them. It’s their job to say no. When you choose not to talk to them about it, that’s just fear talking. Tell it to go away!
  1. Reward your VIP’s. They’re the bread and butter of your business! If you run your direct sales business partially via Facebook, create a private group and engage with them. Give them opportunities to see brand new products first. Reward them whenever you can with small giveaways. Run extra promotions for them. Not only do they believe in you as a person, and the business you’re building, but they are your referral resources. They draw their friends in for you and help you book parties and sell your products for you. This is a huge resource for you as you grow. Reward them as you can!
  1. Work with your company. Most direct sales companies have a training program – it’s there for you to use! You need to keep up to date with new products, growth and building your teams. They’ve designed training that’s specific for your team of consultants, so take advantage of it. Your workstation should have all the details. When your company provides an in-person or online training opportunity, be sure to take advantage of it!
  1. Have fun! Your physical presence is the key to your success! A simple smile during your presentation helps to engage guests. When you make the party fun, they will continue to book parties with you and purchase product from you.

Deborah Hilton Mompreneurs Milton and Halton RegionDeborah Hilton is the Licensed Owner of Mompreneurs® Milton & Halton Region, as well as a wife and mom to three busy girls. Having experience in both start-up business and the direct sales industry, Deborah has a passion for business and supporting others in their entrepreneurial journeys as well!

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  1. As a Global Social Marketer, being the Canadian leader for one company while developing a complementary business, I do concur, Direct Sales is a wonderful way to add an additional stream of income. It may grow to be your main source of income with all the benefits of being a sole proprietor, while being part of an organization that is there to support you and your team. This business type is a fit if you are someone who understands the benefits in being of service to your customers and team members. It’s a business of relationships, plugging into the system your company of choice provides while educating yourself with outside sources for personal development, being a raving fan of your products and understanding the value of edification of your team members and upline. And indeed the fortune is in the followup.

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