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Company Profile: CubbyCubes

As featured in our Mompreneurs Marketplace at The 2017 National Mompreneurs Conference

CubbyCubes were created by Elite Mompreneur member Sandi Silver with the purpose of simplifying and organizing her kids cubbies and shelves when they went to overnight camp.  When visiting them on Visitor’s Day it was apparent that something needed to be done to help her boys find their clothing with greater ease. Sandi decided to use her own packing cubes for them that were typically used for travel when organizing the family when going on vacation.

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CubbyCubes is a new kind of packing cube. As a mother who was tired of disorganized camp cubbies, missing shorts, and t-shirts with shoe prints on clothing (true story!), Sandi created this product with modifications she knew were necessary for organized and convenient travel. What differentiates us from other similar products is that we added a label window that fits a standard business card. On this card is where you write the contents of the unit.

The design has a unique advantage over competitor brands because of the label window that appears behind the handle. Labels are available as well that are reusable (you can write on it with a Sharpie, erase with rubbing alcohol and write on it again!)  This time-saving feature allows any child or adult to easily locate their clothing and miscellaneous items, making CubbyCubes a must-have travel and life accessory.

mompreneur Sandi Silver of Cubby Cubes

Gone are the days of sorting through piles of wrinkled clothing and missing socks while on vacation or at camp. CubbyCubes is a simpler approach to organization that has solved many packing problems, like zippers and handles right where you need them, a strong and sturdy design, and a bigger mesh window so items are clearly visible. You’ll be amazed at how much you can fit in each cube, and they are available in fun colors for everyone in the family.

This product is perfect for people who love to travel as well as any child embarking on a summer camp adventure. Being able to sort, organize, and label cubes by category (socks, underwear, shoes, etc.) relieves the burden of unpacking and scrambling to locate items at a time when you want to get out and play!

mompreneur Sandi Silver of Cubby Cubes

Our organization system comes in handy for any kid involved in dance or sports activities and the cubes are strong enough to handle wear and tear at summer camp, in the locker room, or in a suitcase.

At CubbyCubes we are looking to form partnerships with schools, camps, girl guides, etc. to do fundraisers.  We are also interested in corporate partnerships that would be interested in using our units as gifts for clients in travel. We hope to work with other like-minded moms on cross promotion and further growth to each other’s companies.

Discover the CubbyCube difference and learn how to organize it, pack it, and live it!

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