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Business Mailboxes – Thinking Big for Your SMB

Written by Grace Moores

mailboxes at The UPS Store for small business owners and female entrepreneurs

This September brought lots of change for us as a family, including my son switching schools and starting middle school. Another year older means more responsibility; he now has his own key and lets himself into the house while I’m picking up his sister in Grade 4.

Though I have been running my home-based business for several years, I registered and opened a private mailbox for my business only 6 months ago, and I’m so glad I did. Yes, it was a small inconvenience to redirect my mail over to a new address, but it has given me such peace of mind during all the changes we have been experiencing in our home dynamic.

Having all of my business mail now go to a mailbox means I don’t always have to be home. Delivery people are not knocking on my door when my son is home alone either.  Of course, we have taught him not to open the door to strangers, and reviewed all the things he can and can’t do when he’s home alone, but knowing my business isn’t exposing him to unnecessary risk is such a relief. On top of it all, I’m not missing deliveries, which means there’s less for me to worry about, all the while making my business look bigger than it actually is.

Some amazing discoveries I’ve found since having a business mailbox:

  • When you sign up for a mailbox at The UPS Store you get a street addresses with a suite number, not a PO Box address that everyone knows is a PO Box address. I get a suite number; people think I have office space now.
  • The UPS Store signs for all my deliveries, so I don’t have to be home waiting for important packages. How many of you have played tag with the delivery person, then had to wait 24 hours to reschedule a delivery or collect anyway?
  • I can collect my mail at midnight it I wanted to. I have 24-hour-a-day access. So if I’m expecting an important delivery but will not be home until 8:00pm, I can still stop by The UPS Store and access my mailbox.
  • Lastly, if I’m busy, I just make a quick call to check if my parcel has arrived before heading out and making a wasted journey. Plus, if I can’t pick it up they will forward to me!

When it comes to running my business, I can be bigger than I think I am, and The UPS Store makes that possible!

Grace Moores- Accounts, MompreneursGrace Moores has been a member with Mompreneurs® since the beginning in 2010, and has since advanced to become Corporate Accounts Manager for the team. Her company, The Moores Group, is dedicated to helping small business owners explore sponsorship to grow their business.


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