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Finding a Bank Advisor: It’s All About Relationships

Written by Debbie Dias, Branch Manager for National Bank of Canada

As a Banker for over 20 years, a common concern for our small business clients is that it is overwhelming to find a good advisor. Many clients have a bank because we need one, but do not have an advisor. Banking is usually the aspect that small business advisors neglect, either due to lack of time or fear. It really does not need to be complicated. A solid Banking relationship is key and will benefit you in many ways. We are here to provide you with expertise, save you time and help grow your business.

There is no special science behind finding the right advisor. It is all about relationships. As business owners, you cannot always choose your clients or suppliers, but you can chose your advisor! Here are some tips to get you started:

1) Ask friends and family for referrals.

2) Visit an advisor (whether you get a referral or walk into a Financial Institution). You may have to invest some time to find the right person for you.

3) When you meet with a potential advisor, interview them. This concept may seem foreign, but you want your biggest financial advocate to be qualified and someone you can work with. Don’t be afraid to ask about their experience, and share your expectations of an advisor. Tell them about your preferred method of communication, and about how often you would like to meet to review your accounts. Ask anything that will be important to you in a working relationship.

Once you find an advisor, you are on your way! Just remember that trust based relationships are created over time and with regular two way communication. Your input and feedback are essential for success of this relationship.

At the National Bank we have many experienced Advisors who are ready to help you with your Small Business and Personal Banking needs. We will simplify and demystify the banking aspect of the business. Let us help you, so that you can focus on building your client base, and growing your business. Your success is our success.

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