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Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun!

Written by Amanda Brown

sunscreen safety tips from amanda brown, mompreneur homeopath

I am the first to admit, I am a sun worshiper! I love how the sun feels on my skin, and how it warms me to my core. However, gone are the days that we can sit out in the sun all day long without becoming a lobster; with the rise of confirmed cases of Melanoma and other types of skin cancers, no one is safe out in the sun without skin protection.

Let’s talk sunscreen for a minute, because as parents we think that we are doing the right thing by coating our children with sunscreen, when in fact, we may be causing more harm than good. One of the main chemicals found in sunscreen to block the Ultraviolet B-light is octyl methoxycinnamate or OMC. Studies are now showing this chemical is toxic when exposed to sunshine. The problem with this is that OMC is in about 90% of sunscreens that are on our stores shelves.  This is just one of many dangerous chemicals in our sunscreens. So, check the labels on your sunscreens at home and toss them if they contain any of the chemicals below:  Continue reading Sun, Sun, Mr. Golden Sun!

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Do you suffer from Jekyll & Hyde Syndrome?

Written by Amanda Brown

It’s not uncommon to hear women complain of some premenstrual syndrome, also known as PMS. Over 50% of women suffer from premenstrual syndrome and there are over two hundred symptoms that women can experience with premenstrual syndrome. The only similar symptom is the time frame in which these wonderful symptoms start to present themselves, typically anywhere from two to fourteen days leading up to your expected date of menstruation.  So as you can tell, there is no neat little category into which women fit, which makes treating premenstrual syndrome with western medicine very difficult.

What is the cause of PMS?    

Well ladies, we need to start of my thanking our endocrine system. The endocrine system is extremely complex and sensitive and this is where our hormones are produced. PMS is definitely related to hormonal fluctuation and hormonal imbalances. We also need to thank our ancestors, for any genetic predispositions that was pasted down to us. Current emotional issues, as well as our nutrition, and lack of exercise call also play a part in how women experience premenstrual syndrome. Continue reading Do you suffer from Jekyll & Hyde Syndrome?

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Reflecting on the 2016 Mompreneurs Conference

Written by the TruShield Insurance Team

Earlier this month we had the pleasure of being part of the 2016 National Mompreneuer’s Conference as guests and Presenting Sponsor. So we brought along some of our key TruShield team members and our friend the Mentalist out to the Sheraton Hotel and Conference Centre for two days of inspiration, learning and fun.

The guest speakers were outstanding this year:  from motivational speakers, to celebrities and other sponsors providing great advice. Between the diverse fields of experts there was a lot of great advice to take in and we were busy making notes for ourselves. We were admittedly a little star struck with Debbie Travis, Erica Ehm and Natalie MacNeil who had such amazing stories to tell about their journeys to entrepreneurship. Having the chance to exclusively sample Debbie’s newest wine was also a nice bonus. Continue reading Reflecting on the 2016 Mompreneurs Conference

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Essential Oils to Support Babies and Families

Written by Jessica Kuiken

I didn’t discover the amazingness that is essential oils until my daughter was 11 months old. Since then, they have made a huge impact on our family’s overall health and wellness as we incorporate the oils into our daily lives. I often joke that I want to get pregnant again just so I can use oils to support me through all the ups and downs pregnancy can bring!  Essential oils are an amazing tool that empowers moms to support their family’s health in a safe and effective manner.

There is a lot of information online when it comes to essential oils and babies and I think it is important to note that the quality of the oils you use makes a huge difference. These days you can purchase oils pretty much everywhere but there is no regulation in the essential oil industry  As a result it is very hard to know which oils are 100% pure and which oils have been altered, or contain solvents, pesticides, synthetics or other chemicals.  I personally choose to use the highest quality oils on the market made by doTERRA and feel confident in using them on our daughter in an educated and responsible manner.

 So what are essential oils?

Essential oils are aromatic compounds and are often referred to as the lifeblood of plants. They are found in the stems, leaves, flowers and roots of plants and offer a wide variety of benefits. Essential oils are 50-70 times more powerful than herbs.  For example, one drop of peppermint essential oil is equivalent to 28 bags of peppermint tea! One drop of an essential oil can impact the whole body so, when it comes to oils, less is more! Continue reading Essential Oils to Support Babies and Families

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When it comes to branding, you gotta do YOU.

Written by Alyssa Gavinski

About a week ago, I took a short work-cation to attend the National Mompreneurs Conference in Toronto. It was a fab opportunity to network with, learn from and be inspired by women who are making a serious impact in their businesses and on the world. It also led to a ton of reflection about my own entrepreneurial journey.

I started my business after my son was born with a condition that is often fatal. He beat the odds and survived, but I was never the same again. Suddenly risks that once felt impossible weren’t such a big deal. So when the idea blossomed to start an online design business, I pushed aside my fears and went after my dream.

Over a year later, I realize my business is about more than just creating beautiful websites. It’s about design work that uplifts and empowers other women as they create a life and business they love. I’m serving women who are pursuing their dreams, just like I pursued mine.
My dilemma is that the essence of my mission just isn’t reflected in my current branding. My business is about something bigger than Alyssa J. Gavinski – it’s about helping other women create that joy and happiness for themselves. Continue reading When it comes to branding, you gotta do YOU.