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Do You Say Thank You to Your Network?

givebackThanksgiving is the time of year when we show appreciation for everything that we’ve been given.  Entrepreneurs are very focused on showing gratitude to their customers, but may not pay as much attention to the other people who support them.  Consider all the help that you have received from your network.  They are the ones who send you referrals, sing your praises, let you know about opportunities, and support you in the difficult days.  Let’s take this Thanksgiving to say thank you to all the amazing people in our networks.

Here are some ways that you can show your gratitude:

Say it.

People are so touched when we take the time to say thank you.  It doesn’t cost anything, so it makes you wonder why we don’t do it more.  You can do it in person, by email or even send a handwritten card.  The key is to clearly communicate how they helped and what it meant to you.

Give Them a Shout Out.

Most people appreciate public recognition, particularly other entrepreneurs.  It makes them look and feel good and it can even serve as free advertising for them.  Social media and your online newsletter are both great tools for showing your appreciation publicly.  Keep it short and sweet and emphasize how amazing they are.

Find Ways to Assist Them.

Networking is a two-way street.  If you find ways to help the people in your network, they will return the favour.  Keep your eyes open for any opportunities that you can send their way.

Take a Personal Interest.

The best networks are not limited to business transactions.  If you want to build strong relationships, you need to stop looking at people as contacts and make an effort to get to know them.  When you build friendships with the people in your network, you benefit both personally and professionally.  Ask your contacts about their family and their interests.  You may even want to invite them out for a coffee just to chat.  Most people will be flattered that you are trying to get to know them better.

Everyone loves to be appreciated, so taking some time to say thank you is good for both you and your business.  However, it’s not just about what you get from it,  it’s about the kind of person you want to be.  Don’t spend so much time complaining about the rain that you don’t even notice the person who’s holding an umbrella over your head.

(Written by: Karen Bivand)

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What Are You Thankful For?

thankfulWe’re always so busy rushing from one place to the next that we rarely stop to think about how lucky we are.  Take some time this weekend to reflect on all that you have.

Here are five things that every mompreneur should be grateful for:

Your Family

Even though you’ve had your ups and downs, your family has supported you in your decision to forgo a ‘regular’ job and start this adventure.

Yesterday’s Mompreneurs

These amazing women forged the path that we walk today.

Your Customers

They believe in what you’re doing and they keep your doors open.

Your Courage

Not everyone is brave enough to go it alone and start their own business.  Something within you made this option possible.

The Long Weekend

Time to relax and hang out with your family; isn’t that what it’s all about?!

Happy Thanksgiving!

(Written by: Karen Bivand)

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Great Business Reads

As entrepreneurs, there is no end to how much you can learn and apply to your own business. With ever-evolving trends in technology, customer relations, human resources, and just about every other aspect of business, it’s important to stay on your game, think of new ways to serve your clientele, and keep your company at the top of the food chain.

We’ve put together our latest list of Great Business Reads – we hope you will find it useful! If we’ve missed a book that you have found to be absolutely integral to your journey as an entrepreneur, we’d love for you to share it with us!

PS: all work and no play makes for a very long day no matter what business you are running – have fun with whatever reading time you are afforded!


what i know for sure - oprah, inspiring book, great read for entrepreneursWhat I Know For Sure  by Oprah Winfrey

At first glance, this doesn’t strike as your typical ‘business read’ – and it’s not. But what Oprah manages to put together in 240 pages of eloquently written thoughts and life lessons will leave any entrepreneur feeling empowered and inspired.

We all know Oprah Winfrey is a powerhouse of inspiration and motivation for millions of women around the world – this book is a testament of why so many take her words to heart and aspire to greatness because of them.


daniel j. levitin, business read, think straight

The Organized Mind  by Daniel J. Levitin

The information age is drowning us in an unprecedented deluge of data. At the same time, we’re expected to make more-and faster-decisions about our lives than ever before. No wonder, then, that the average person reports frequently losing car keys or reading glasses, missing appointments, and feeling worn out by the effort required just to keep up.

But somehow some people become quite accomplished at managing information flow. In The Organized Mind, Daniel J. Levitin, Ph.D., uses the latest brain science to demonstrate how those people excel-and how readers can use these methods to regain a sense of mastery over the way they organize their homes, workplaces, and lives.
book creativity inc

Creativity, Inc.: overcoming the unseen forces that stand in the way of true inspiration  by Ed Catmull

This book hit home on so many levels for me – both as an entrepreneur, a mother, and someone who appreciates great storytelling and the art of risk-taking. I originally borrowed this book from the library for my husband; we’re both big Pixar fans, and I thought he’d get a kick out of reading the processes behind some of our favourite family movies. What I didn’t know was how inspiring the countless tales of uncertainty, being told ‘no’, and the empowerment of going with your ‘gut instinct’ would be for me as an entrepreneur. Creativity, Inc. is a book for managers who want to lead their employees to new heights, and for anyone who wants to delve deeper into the possibilities that having a great imagination can lead to.


book zero to one

Zero to One: Notes on Startups, or How to Build the Future  by Peter Thiel

The great secret of our time is that there are still uncharted frontiers to explore and new inventions to create. In Zero to One, legendary entrepreneur and investor Peter Thiel shows how we can find singular ways to create those new things.

I’ll be honest – I’m not even halfway through this one… but it’s got me deep in thought and eager to finish quickly so I can start implementing in my own business. That is usually a great sign of a read that is worthwhile.





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Small Business Week for Mompreneurs

small business week mompreneurs, business women, with telus and

Join Mompreneurs® and TELUS as we present Small Business Week for Mompreneurs! 

Enjoy an early afternoon of learning, networking, and business building as we explore the theme of “The Mobile WorkPlace”. Attendees will enjoy a catered luncheon while connecting with other women and business and learning from our guest speakers!

All attendees will receive a special gift bag courtesy of TELUS, as well as a chance to win amazing prizes, including an iPad Mini!*

*There is limited seating for this event – attendees must PRE-REGISTER in order to reserve a seat and qualify for prizes.


WHEN:  Thursday October 23, 2014  |  10:30am to 1:30pm

WHERE:  The TELUS House  |   25 York St., Toronto

COST:    Members   $10.00  |   Non-Members   $25.00


There is limited seating for this event – RSVP NOW!

Attendees will enjoy a catered luncheon as well as structured and open networking opportunities, while hearing from our featured speakers:



Senior Social Media Manager, TELUS

With over 15 years’ experience in B2B marketing, her passion lies in connecting businesses with the TELUS brand through engaging and relevant content. In her current role, Tasha leads the B2B social media team and focuses on developing social media strategies aligned to business objectives that generate conversations, engagement, leads and credibility, while driving measurable results. In her spare time, Tasha is an active hockey mom to her oldest son 7, and twins, 5. 

TELUS (TSX: T, NYSE: TU) is Canada’s fastest-growing national telecommunications company, with $11.7 billion of annual revenue and 13.4 million customer connections, including 7.9 million wireless subscribers, 3.2 million wireline network access lines, 1.4 million Internet subscribers and 865,000 TELUS TV customers. TELUS provides a wide range of communications products and services, including wireless, data, Internet protocol (IP), voice, television, entertainment and video, and is Canada’s largest healthcare IT provider. Learn more at


gotomeetingThe #FutureOfWork Team from CITRIX

Citrix (NASDAQ:CTXS) is a leader in mobile workspaces, providing virtualization, mobility management, networking and cloud services to enable new ways to work better. Citrix solutions power business mobility through secure, personal workspaces that provide people with instant access to apps, desktops, data and communications on any device, over any network and cloud. This year Citrix is celebrating 25 years of innovation, making IT simpler and people more productive. With annual revenue in 2013 of $2.9 billion, Citrix solutions are in use at more than 330,000 organizations and by over 100 million users globally. Learn more at


There is limited seating for this event – RSVP NOW!



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5 Ways to Be More Likeable

ID-100171690For entrepreneurs, getting people to like you isn’t just about being popular; it’s your bread and butter.

Here are five proven strategies that will help you make the right impression when making new contacts:



Be Yourself.

You are the most comfortable when you are being exactly who you are.  Be true to yourself and people will be drawn to you.

Be Confident.

Look someone in the eye, say hello and introduce yourself.  Your confidence will put others at ease.


It’s the same advice your mom gave you when you were a kid and it still holds true today.

Be Interested in Others.

Ask people questions about themselves.  Everyone likes to connect to people who take an interest in them.

Be Positive.

Make a conscious effort to have a positive outlook and people will want to be around you.



(Written by: Karen Bivand, image courtesy of ‘stockimages’ via



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I Gained a Voice

pink quotation mark for mompreneursWhen I took a gigantic risk by leaving an established insurance-based career to pursue writing for a living, I would’ve imagined feeling very alone and disconnected. Early on in my new career however, I was fortunate enough to discover the power of solidarity: I became a member with Mompreneurs®.

Through this formidable group, I gained a voice. I met other mompreneurs and we all had an instant and meaningful connection: women; mothers; business owners; dreamers making it happen.

If you are looking for a way to feel like you’re a part of something big, and to get support as a mompreneur, then becoming a member will be one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make to up level your business. The members of Mompreneurs® care about you as a person as much as they care about seeing your business succeed.  Don’t go it alone. Reach out for the Mompreneur® helping hand.


Elizabeth Kogan
Freelance Writer – Orchida Words at Work


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Join Arlene Dickinson’s Breakfast Table



Arlene Dickinson & YouInc invite you to join us for an exclusive breakfast event with some of Canada’s leading and most celebrated entrepreneurs.

Learn valuable insights as Arlene shares an intimate and frank conversation about being in business with top renowned Canadian entrepreneurs Christine Magee, President of Sleep Country Canada, and Robert Deluce, President & CEO of Porter Airlines.

Don’t miss out on this unique opportunity for inspiration. Start your day at The Breakfast Table.

USE PROMO CODE “MOMPRENEUR” and Receive 10% Off Your Ticket!

Find out more at






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Amazing Support

pink quotation mark for mompreneursThank you for the amazing support you provide to us moms that work so tirelessly. Your website is easy to use, newsletters helpful, useful and inspiring. I think my favourite part of being a member is being able to go to the informative meetups. Teaching us how to use different types of social media to work to our advantage is really awesome. The entrepreneurial women that are brought together can network, have a laugh or two, exchange ideas and business cards. We can see that we are not alone when we are working for ourselves. Thanks again for everything! I appreciate all of the help and support you have personally provided for me and my business.

Christine Heit 
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Friendships Along the Way

pink quotation mark for mompreneursI’ve been a part of Mompreneurs® since slightly after its inception. What would I do without my Mompreneurs?! Never mind the solidarity of referrals, but knowing that I can put a question out there and get a response within minutes, if I’m in the middle of what I feel is a crisis, has saved me many times. The knowledge base of the women within the group has been amazing and I’ve built some amazing friendships along the way. I absolutely love that when my Mompreneurs need something, I can help where I’m able.

Deborah Hilton
Owner, Health Matters Homecare Services Inc.


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A Sense of Belonging

pink quotation mark for mompreneursMompreneurs® offers a sense of belonging and security, with its consistently caring approach in how it supports its members. Whether you choose to network at a meeting, or if you’re just seeking expert guidance online, the support offered is both professional and moral, constant and invaluable.

Sandy Gemmill
Children’s Songwriter and Creator of Nelson the Giant