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Save 15% as an Exhibitor at The National Women’s Show!

Become an Exhibitor at Canada’s Largest & Best Attended Event for Women – and SAVE 15% off your Booth Fees* as a Mompreneur member!

2018 National Women's Show Toronto rates for Mompreneur Exhibitors

Over 500 exhibitors found great success at the 2016 show as over 30,000 attendees shopped ‘til they dropped to find the best selection of products and services to hit the market. Featuring food and wine sampling, fashion shows, celebrity guests, complimentary makeovers, health, wellness & beauty secrets, cooking demos, home renovation and decor advice, travel ideas and MUCH, MUCH, MORE, the show entertains and engages thousands of women!

*15% discount applies to Mompreneur members who are registered and active at the Elite and Elite+ levels only!

This is Canada’s largest consumer show for women. Don’t miss exhibiting at the show if women are your target demographic!

Please fill out the following information to confirm your spot and receive further paperwork as an exhibitor at our exclusive Mompreneur® Member rates!

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Thank you for your interest in being part of our Mompreneurs Area at The National Women's Show! Once you press "Submit", your registration request will be reviewed, and you will receive details within 24-48 hours. For further information or questions, please email [email protected]


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Michelle Watterson – CatNap Cottages

Michelle Watterson is an Elite+ member based out of Arkell, Ontario, and is the proud owner of CatNap Cottages, where she offers a calming cottage getaway for your cat, giving you the complete peace of mind that kitty is being well-treated in a relaxing and playful atmosphere. We are thrilled to share Michelle’s Success Story!

mompreneur Michelle Watterson, owner and operator of CatNap Cottages near Guelph, Ontario

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I’m not certain, I ever aspired to be an entrepreneur. I wasn’t one of those people who knew they were going to go into business for themselves. I just knew that I had a love for animals. Working in Veterinary Clinics, I loved being the kennel attendant. I loved working before the clinic opened and talking to the cats. I knew I wanted to run a kennel. Then I became kind of fixated on achieving it. I knocked on a lot of doors to make it happen. I disregarded a lot of negative comments and a ton of “no’s” to make it happen.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
The Cats!! I love what I do. I enjoy getting head bumps and snuggles. I go in and I am greeted by boys in Tuxedos and kittens. What is better than that. On a business level, it’s that I get to decide! I put the work in it for me. It’s my vision, my dream and I make the final decisions. I am very proud of that. I am proud that I took the leap into business ownership. It can be a bit scary at times. I’m not going to lie, I thought I was hitting rocks at some points, but then you end up leveling out and even soar.

mompreneur Michelle Watterson, owner and operator of CatNap Cottages near Guelph, Ontario Continue reading Michelle Watterson – CatNap Cottages

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9 Networking Tips to Help You Truly Connect with Others

Written by Julie Boyer

networking tips for female entrepreneurs and mompreneurs at events

Where are you creating connections in your life? Learning to network and creating positive relationships is not only a skill that we need in business, but also a very important life skill. What I have found is that networking is about building relationships and serving others. I have always enjoyed meeting new people and building networks.

When we network, it can be at a specific networking event or in our everyday lives. A networking event is not a place to simply give your card to everyone you see. The most important thing is to create a connection with them first. We can also be of service to someone by connecting them to someone else. Not everyone enjoys networking, but in my opinion, being able to create connections quickly with new people is a life skill, whether you are in business or not.

Here are a few of my favourite ways to network:

1. Greet everyone you meet with a smile, and look them in the eye.

For some, this is obvious and simple to do. For others, this is a challenge to overcome on a daily basis. Practice doing this next time you are out running errands. Simply take a quick moment to catch the eye of people walking by and quickly smile. The key to this is not to worry about what the other person does. It’s not important whether they react or not, it’s about being present for one small moment and acknowledging another human being.

2. Start a conversation with an interesting question. 

Most of us will start with the same question – what do you do? One of my favorite questions is: what do you like to do for fun on the weekends? It starts the conversation on a different tangent and can help you to find common ground quickly. Our goal is to create a connection, and often it’s our hobbies or passions that connect us immediately.

3. Listen to what others have to say. 

This may also seem like an obvious thing, however we often find ourselves formulating our own response in our mind while we are listening to others. In order to become a great connector, we’ve got to listen carefully to find out how we can be of service to others.

Continue reading 9 Networking Tips to Help You Truly Connect with Others

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Gina Bello – Hand Heart & Sole Wellness

Gina Bello has been a member with Mompreneurs® since its inception in 2010, and is now an Elite+ member. Gina is the Founder & Principal Therapist at Hand Heart & Sole Wellness, established in 2002 as a complement to traditional medicine & alternative and holistic health practice. We are excited to share Gina’s Success Story!

mompreneur Gina Bello of Hand Heat and Sole Wellness

About Hand Heart & Sole Wellness
Through her business, Gina provides hands-on, energy and unconscious mind therapies and modalities that address balancing mind, body & spirit of a person to restore health and prevent illness via natural, drug-free and non-invasive means. Services are offered to individuals in a confidential one-to-one setting, and to businesses that are proactive with their staff’s wellness goals and approach to reducing absenteeism due to stress, and improving employer/employee relations for a happier, healthier and more productive workplace. Gina’s passion for learning, growth and healing the mind, body & spirit has led her to continuous learning, serving clients and also teaching these same therapies to those that wish to learn through Hand Heart & Sole School of Holistic Therapies.

When I began my business I was a single mother with a daughter that had just started grade one. I had absolutely no support network or family around me. I was given a small severance package from my former employer. Those that knew me then expected me to just pick up where I had left off — apply for another job to ensure there wasn’t any ‘down time’ and to prevent any financial hardship. Continue reading Gina Bello – Hand Heart & Sole Wellness

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Tulin Sallabank – ooobaby

Elite Mompreneur member Tulin Sallabank is based out of London, Ontario, and is the Founder of ooobaby, where she creates beautiful and functional bags for baby and beyond. We are excited to share Tulin’s Success Story!

mompreneur Tulin Sallabank of ooobaby purses and bags

About Tulin’s Entrepreneurial Journey & The Story Behind ooobaby
After an emotional six-year wait, I adopted my beautiful daughter Shia in 2011. I did everything an expectant mother does – decorating the nursery, stocking up on adorable baby clothes and looking for a ‘baby’ bag. I spent over a year searching for one that suited my style, my needs and my budget. Finally I realized I needed to design my own. I wanted leather for quality and longevity but, most importantly, I wanted a style that didn’t scream baby bag. I dove into designing this labour of love, working with manufacturers in Canada, the UK and Brazil. Ultimately I found a fabulous manufacturing partner in Italy.

mompreneur Tulin Sallabank of ooobaby purses and bags featuring The Urban BagThe luxurious Italian pebbled leather is beautifully soft and supple -it conforms to your body. The high quality leather is processed with the utmost respect for the environment and safeguarding the health of the workers which is very important to me.

The Urban Bag has 6 internal compartments with a durable and waterproof lining. A key holder assures that you never have to scramble for your keys.  You can easily slide in your tablet/laptop, files, or book in the slip pocket under the flap for easy accessibility. I use the end pocket with the magnetic flap for my cell phone so it is somewhat secure yet handy and the other end pocket for my water or a drink box. As a busy mom and hard working business woman, I needed a multipurpose bag that could go from the office to the playground.  No other bag lives up to the challenge.  I designed a multi- purpose bag based on functionality, organization and affordable luxury. I carry this timeless bag because it covers everything from great mom to corporate chic. The Urban Bag is stylish, great quality, functional and fulfills every modern woman’s needs.

I have been a successful real estate salesperson for over 20 years, a PR manager at a successful salon and now I am devoted to introducing my bag to as many women as possible.

With every purchase, ooobaby makes a donation to World Vision. By giving back, we help provide healthcare, safety, food, water, and more to vulnerable families around the world. It’s a powerful way to help change lives! Continue reading Tulin Sallabank – ooobaby

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In the News: “Then Now Next” Strategy – Ontario

This morning, Premier Kathleen Wynne announced Then Now Next: Ontario’s Strategy for Women’s Economic Empowerment, an ambitious new strategy to help remove long-standing barriers that have kept women from benefiting equally in Ontario’s rapidly changing economy. This strategy is a first for Canada, with Ontario becoming the first province to create a strategy focused on initiatives to advance women’s economic development, empowerment and build fair, better workplaces.

The first step of this multi-faced strategy includes the introduction of standalone legislation to increase transparency in hiring processes and give women more information when negotiating fairer compensation that is equal to their male peers, by requiring certain employers to track and publish information about compensation in their organizations. Continue reading In the News: “Then Now Next” Strategy – Ontario

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Announcing Our 2018 Mompreneur® Award Winners

2018 Mompreneur Award Winners Kah-Mei Smith of Young Living Essential Oils, Michelle Lalonde and Adriana De Luca of Tiber River Naturals, Tamara Al Dip of Nanashake, and Kate Belbeck of Belbeck's Family Farm featuring Rent the Chicken

The four winners of the 2018 Mompreneur® of the Year Awards were announced at the 6th Annual National Mompreneurs® Conference in Toronto. Out of hundreds of nominees, Adriana De Luca and Michelle Lalonde of Tiber River from Winnipeg, Manitoba were awarded the Mompreneur Award of Excellence.

“Empowered Women, empower women.” And with that, the winners of the 2018 Mompreneur® of the Year Awards were announced Saturday at the 6th Annual National Mompreneurs® Conference and Awards in Toronto. This year the finalists, representing 6 provinces, brought forth some of the most innovative, creative and productive businesses and non-profits from coast to coast—with finalists from Vancouver, BC to Shediac, NB bringing in a combined gross revenue of $12+ million in 2017—in addition to creating job opportunities for 185 employees Canada-wide.

Public votes were cast by over 30,000 supporters, which narrowed down hundreds of nominees to just 23 finalists in the four categories. Those finalists were then presented to an esteemed and diverse panel of judges who undertook a rigorous review process to select their top picks in each category, which includes one main award, The Mompreneur® Award of Excellence with a top prize valued at over $30,000.

Mompreneurs® is thrilled to announce that Adriana De Luca and Michelle Lalonde of Tiber River Naturals from Winnipeg, Manitoba have been named Canada’s Official Mompreneurs of the Year for 2018, and have been awarded the Mompreneur® Award of Excellence.

Mompreneurs® has expanded its awards to recognize and help provide support, funding and exposure in other three deserving business categories, each receiving a prize package of over $5,000. The three additional awards include: The Startup Award for promising start-ups who have been in business for under three years; The Momentum Award recognizing a service-based business that is either a non-profit or charity, or is a business that benefits the community at large. The Merit Award is for those whose businesses are consultant, franchisee or broker-based.

We are proud to announce the outstanding winners in those three categories as well:

Mompreneur® Startup Award— Tamara Al Dip of Nanashake, Toronto, ON

Mompreneur® Momentum Award— Kate Belbeck of Belbeck’s Family Farm featuring Rent The Chicken, Moffat, ON

Mompreneur® Award of Merit— Kah-Mei Smith of Young Living Essential Oils, Port Coquitlam, BC


Congratulations to our winners, and to our 23 outstanding finalists who are making a difference in the lives of their families, their employees and the greater community.

The Mompreneurs® organization wishes to thank all of our Elite Sponsors who through their support and encouragement are helping to build strong, viable and innovative business visionaries across Canada: GoDaddy, National Bank, UPS Canada, Evolocity Financial Group, Global Payments, SAGE and TruShield Insurance.

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4 Major Things to Budget For When Starting a New Business

Written by Grace Nasralla

There are some priorities that a small business startup cannot overlook if they are seeking a successful venture. One major requirement is investment. It is very impulsive to think that one can start a business without having the willingness to invest money and time. And yes, the investment has to be a combination of these two components. Here are some tips to help female entrepreneurs in the startup stage of their business:

1. Time Investment is crucial.

A business start-up will need at least 85% to 95% of time investment during its initial start-up stages, and the remaining time left should be invested in sleep; in order to be able to focus on the required work the next day. It will be difficult to maintain the capitalizing of much time for the business at first, but staying focused on business goals and the ultimate business vision will sustain a small business start up until its foundations are solid enough for some reduced time investing.

During these initial stages of starting a business, prioritizing is very important. What should be addressed first? What could be of highest priority to a new start-up?

a. Researching trends, planning, strategizing, learning about competitors, identifying vision, mission, objectives and goals.

b. Exploring ways to create awareness and increase visibility for the business. Best way to invest time when creating visibility is by attending networking and community events. The small business owner gets to share information about the business, and meet good leads that may bring in referrals who in turn may become customers one day.

Continue reading 4 Major Things to Budget For When Starting a New Business

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#MOMPconf Twitter Party

MompConf Twitter Party Feb 22, 2018 for Mompreneurs Conference

We’re SO close to kicking off The 2018 National Mompreneurs® Conference! What better way to celebrate than to host a Twitter Party so we can connect with you and our incredible roster of sponsors, speakers, partners, and attendees!

With $1,500+ in prizes to give away, we know this is the party you WON’T want to miss!

Be sure to follow our sponsors and partners PLUS RSVP below for your chance to win!


@NationalBank  @TruShieldIns  @GoDaddyCanada   @UPS_smallbizCA 

@SageNAmerica  @EvolocityFG  @GlobalPayInc  @ParentsCanada



3 x All Access Passes to The 2018 National Mompreneurs® Conference (valued at $285 each)

4 x $75 SAJE Wellness Gift Cards thanks to National Bank

2 x $50 Visa Gift Cards thanks to GoDaddy Canada

4 x Annual Subscriptions to Mompreneur Magazine (valued at $39.95 each)

5 x $10 Tim Horton’s Gift Cards, UPS Vouchers, and a UPS duffel bag, thanks to UPS Canada

2 x copies of “The Confidence Code – The Science and Art of Self-Assurance” thanks to Evolocity Financial Group

… with more prizes to be announced!


Please RSVP Below…

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Julie Steward – Mitteez

Julie Steward is an Elite+ member based out of Vancouver Island, BC. She is the founder and owner of Mitteez International Inc., and we are thrilled to be sharing her Success Story!

mompreneur Julie Steward of Mitteez

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur?
I believe I was born an entrepreneur. Throughout life, I have always had the busy brain of how I could invent, create or embrace an idea. In 1999, I become a professional entrepreneur when I invented and established, the world’s first online high-end lingerie boutique. I sold that company as I was still in the middle of my life with mothering young babies, and that was my priority. I am also an Artist, and when I had time free, I would embrace myself in painting. I became quite successful and sold my paintings to several hotels in Vancouver where today they still are being displayed. In 2011, I became a professional entrepreneur again, when I had the idea for a developmental teething mitten. My children I would say is what inspired me this time. I have been pursuing that vision since and would certainly give thanks to MITTEEZ because it has blossomed me to be a full-time entrepreneur.

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
That I can work it around my family. I have four very busy children and my youngest is 6. I also like the freedom and not having restrictions to pursue my dreams further.

Can you describe a typical day?
Every day something is new but there is never a dull moment which I am grateful for. I love to be busy and knowing that every minute I am either learning something new or taking steps to develop further. Because I deal with China, and it is just me at this time, my days are about 12-14 hours long. Continue reading Julie Steward – Mitteez