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Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood – Love Powered Co.

Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood are Elite+ Mompreneur® members based out of the Halton Region, and are the dynamic duo and creative minds behind Love Powered Co. – Powering the Next Generation of Mindful, Kind, and Empathetic Leaders. Love Powered Co. is a soul fuel company bringing love, mindfulness, empowerment and connection into the home with innovative and simple guided tools for parents to use with their children, to help little ones develop positive self-talk, confidence, self-love, and  self-worth. We are thrilled to share Anna and Lindy’s Success Story!

Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of LOVE POWERED CO., creators of affirmation cards for kids

About Love Powered Co.
Our first product is Love Powered Littles – Affirmation cards for kids! 22 Powers to affirm the greatness within your littles (and you!) – available in a physical box set, and digital versions (English, Spanish & French). We also offer 8 x 10 affirmation prints, and downloadable prints, adding to the décor of your children’s rooms, and reminding them of the power that exists within!

Through stating positive I AM affirmations, and deeply connecting with our littles, we create magic moments that last a lifetime. Through our simple, guided process, children learn how to tap into the powers that exist within them, so when it’s time to take the torch, they lead with love, and light the way for others.

Our recipe is simple: Affirmation. Connection. Repeat.

 Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of LOVE POWERED CO., creators of affirmation cards for kids Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of LOVE POWERED CO., creators of affirmation cards for kids

What inspired you to become entrepreneurs?
We both followed very similar paths: going to University to study business, leaving school to enter the workforce with a good job, climbing the corporate ladder; doing all of the things we were ‘supposed to do’.

Anna: In 2010, I was itching for something different. I wanted to be my own boss; I wanted to make a difference in a way I felt I couldn’t while working for someone else. So I started a network marketing business, and within only 2 years, turned it into a global, multimillion dollar enterprise, retiring myself and my husband from the 9-5 grind.

Lindy: My husband and I had always had one or a few side-hustles, and when our ‘side’ real estate investment business needed more attention, I left the corporate world in 2015 to realize my dream of becoming my own boss, as a full-time multi-passionate entrepreneur!

We came together in business because we wanted to make a difference. Together, with our complimentary strengths, strong work-ethics, and insatiable drive to make a positive impact while here on this beautiful planet, we knew that we could really create something magical. And this is how Love Powered Co. was born.

Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of LOVE POWERED CO., creators of affirmation cards for kids

What is your “WHY” behind your business/being an entrepreneur?
Meet our sweet, spitfire, sensitive, hilarious, complex, and beautifully spirited children (Jaden, Farrah, Maya, and Maya’s little sister who just entered this world in June!). Our greatest accomplishments. Our light. Our reason. Our why power.

When we think of the world we want them to be raised in, it’s a compassionate one. It’s one that celebrates equal rights and humanitarianism. It’s one that’s innovative and inclusive, and filled with opportunity. A world where individual differences are honoured as much as individual strengths. It’s a peaceful, respected and sus-tainable planet.

It’s a world where #metoo is a distant memory. Where all leaders of our free world preach love vs. tweet hate. It’s a world throbbing with a grateful, reverent generation…future leaders who see no limits, take responsibility for the people they are and the lives they create, and who understand that their destiny is not decided for them, but created by them.

We don’t believe this is a far-fetched desire. It begins with collective hope and accountability…with us here and now. It starts with us guiding our children to know and to value the POWER that exists within them. Our children are our reason. They are our WHY.

Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of LOVE POWERED CO., creators of affirmation cards for kids

What’s the best part about owning your own business?
We made a conscious decision to align our work with our core values, and Family is on the top of that list. We drop off our kids every morning, and we are there to pick them up each day when the bell rings. Our phones disappear and work stops until 8:30pm, when we pick it back up again. We are driven to prove to ourselves and to the world that you can grow a thriving business, while placing family first. It’s not only a goal, but it’s a non-negotiable in our households.

Lindy: Before jumping into entrepreneurship, I was dropping off my kids at 7:00am, and rushing to get them at 6:00pm. They were exhausted; I was exhausted. There were meltdowns every day, and I knew I had to make a change. My little guy straight up told me one day, ‘Mommy you never spend time with us. All you do is work’. Ouch. Since changing the trajectory of my life and becoming an entrepreneur, I made a firm commitment to myself and my family, to be a mom before all else; to limit the time they see me working and to put our time together, our health and our connection at the top of the priority list. Entrepreneurship has allowed me to stay true to these commitments.

The measurement of impact on having healthy, happy children and strong marriages, is a qualitative one. We see happy faces every morning; we personally wave goodbye when school starts, and we are there when the bell rings to pick them up. They have their mothers with them when they need us. Our husbands are proud and supportive. Being entrepreneurs has allowed us the freedom to create the family lives that we envisioned, and to live in alignment with what matters most to us, and this is by far the best part of owning our own businesses.

Can you describe a typical day?
We wake up, go to the gym, get our kids ready for school, and we don’t turn on our phones or check our emails until after drop-off.

We meet up and create our list for the day, dividing and concurring based on the level of priority for each task.

We then get to work, focusing on marketing, sales, social media management, relationship building, product development, manufacturing, client and customer service, admin, finances, events – you name it, we do it! We are truly the jacks of all trades when it comes to our business!

Early afternoon, we turn on the tunes and start to process our orders – we have 2 daily pickups a day from FedEx, and we need to have all of our orders fulfilled, labels printed, and boxes packed and sealed by the time the drivers arrive.

By 3:00pm, we shut it all down to pick-up our littles. After they go to bed, we pick-up where we left off, completing anything that needs to be finished, and setting up our day for tomorrow!

Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of LOVE POWERED CO., creators of affirmation cards for kids

Who do you count on for help?
We count on each other (benefits of working with business partners who are on the same page!), our husbands (who happen to be the MOST supportive and wonderful men!), and occasionally a friend or parent who we may ask to pick-up our children if there is an event or meeting we need to attend.

It is extremely important for us to surround ourselves with supportive, encouraging and empowering women, and to always be the paragons of such behaviour. To rise, we must all rise together. And so, we rely on the support and help of mindful mamas who also want to make a difference.

Have you ever had to sacrifice something at home for work? Or vice versa?
Of course! Our lives are made up of a series of choices, sacrificing this for that, determining what our core values are, and saying no to anything that doesn’t align. In starting a business, there is a LOT of upfront work. We put our heads down and worked tireless hours in the beginning to get this baby off the ground. Because we didn’t want to sacrifice time with our families, these hours were worked during the day, but also after bedtimes and late into the nights. But was it fun? Absolutely. Worth it? Unquestionably.

 Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of LOVE POWERED CO., creators of affirmation cards for kids Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of LOVE POWERED CO., creators of affirmation cards for kids

What do you do on a day off? Do you even know what a day off is?
We wholeheartedly believe in refuelling to be the best possible versions of ourselves – for ourselves AND for our families. We take weekends off (mostly), and occasionally we take time to celebrate our wins and successes, together as a team. A day off, as we see it, is really an opportunity to fill the tank – whether it be the love tank by spending time with family, the social tank by spending time with friends, or the nature tank but getting outside and enjoying this beautiful earth – and this makes us better, more insightful and more inspired when we get back to work!

What does the future look like for you and your business?
Our visions are big. VERY big. We are overjoyed with the success that Love Powered Co has had within our first year of business, shipping daily packages of love-filled boxes to families from all over the globe. We have plans to launch 3 new products within the next year, and within 5 years we know that Love Powered Co will be known as THE mindfulness brand for families, schools and corporations, globally.

Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of LOVE POWERED CO., creators of affirmation cards for kids

Any tips for women thinking of starting a business?
Here are our top 5 tips for women thinking of starting a business!

1. Tackle your excuses:
Are they real objections that need to be worked through, or are they fear-based excuses? We can tell you from our own experience, that there will never be a perfect time. There will always be a reason NOT to do it. But if you really want to start your own business, then you need to work through all of your personal boundaries, swim through the fear, and find solutions to the reasons you think you can’t do it.

2. Build Your Network:
‘You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with’. We have discovered first hand the truth in this statement. Surround yourself with people who believe in you and lift you higher, as you do the same for them. And as you are building out your vision, connect and expand your network with others who have paved the path. You will learn from them directly, but they will often open the doors to new ideas, new people and new opportunities.

3. Ask for Help!
If you don’t ask, the answer is always no. And we all know, that the key to success has never been to do it all on your own. Take some time to really understand your core strengths, and then ask for help with the rest.

4. Don’t Quit Your Day Job…. Yet:
Unless you have a solid inflow of income from another source, earn while you build (in the beginning). It takes time to build a successful, revenue-generating business, and if you leave your job too soon, you may find your-self with the stress of no income, on top of learning how to create, manage, market, and sell your idea. The beauty is, we live in an era where side hustles are the norm! Until it makes sense financially, keep your 9-5.

5. Be Honest With Yourself:
Are you a self-starter? Can you overcome fear? Even if you are an introvert, can you be LOUD about your idea, your mission, your vision? We KNOW you can, but you have to believe in yourself first. Before anything else, you have to be your #1 supporter. We encourage you to work through your shit. If it’s important to you, then dive deep, work through your issues, and start your business knowing that you can be, do and have anything! Otherwise, it just won’t work.


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