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Angie Wagenaar – Isagenix

Angie Wagenaar is a founding member of Mompreneurs®, as she has been a member since its inception in Milton, Ontario back in 2010. She began her business with Isagenix around the same time, and we have watched Angie grow and succeed throughout the years! We are especially proud of Angie’s most recent accomplishment, where she was named the 2016 Mompreneur® Award of Merit winner, recognizing her efforts within her direct marketing business, and her legacy of leadership for her Isagenix team across Canada. We’re excited to share her entrepreneurial success story with you!

Angie Wagenaar, Isagenix director, Mompreneur member from Milton Ontario

What inspired you to become an entrepreneur? 
I wanted to stay home with my kids, but wasn’t truly happy being a stay at home mom.  I desired something that I could do to contribute to our household income, yet be present and keep a pulse on the family. I don’t want to offend anyone, but I found it depressing going to the park and listening to moms talk about how many times their children went pee pee on the potty or how they can’t afford a family vacation this year.  My husband and I own a graphic design company, but it wasn’t meshing very well with taking care of a toddler and a newborn. We found when the economy dipped, so did our income. I realized that I would either have to consider going back to work (which was about a 50-60 hour work week with the commute), and move from the house we loved, or find a way to contribute.  Don’t get me wrong, I LOVED my career before kids. However, I didn’t feel I could be an excellent employee and mom while keeping my sanity. Basically, we started our network marketing business out of necessity.

What’s the best part about owning your own business? 
Flexibility! I love that I can drop the kids off to school and pick them up in the afternoon. It is also amazing that when I work hard, I am providing a better future and life for my family. In my former position as a marketing manager, being a high achiever simply earned me more work and stress. Now I work part-time and have achieved a 6 figure income. This is more than I ever made working as a marketing manager.  I have always loved helping others. Most of my career had been spent working with various charities including World Vision Canada, United Way, various group homes and youth employment initiatives. I now enjoy helping other moms find similar freedom and balance. Our clients are reclaiming their health and I get so many emails every day that make my heart burst with joy.

Angie Wagenaar family, Milton Mompreneur

Can you describe a typical day? 
A typical day for me is getting up, spending time reading my Bible with some leadership/personal development material, preparing lunches, and getting the kids off to school. After dropping them off, I clean up the tornado that was left behind them and aim to fit in a short work-out. I also figure out what is for dinner that night. I get online and start connecting with my team and following up with potential new customers. I love attending networking events in the community as well, if I have time. I then pick up the kids around 3:00pm and we often have swimming, tutoring or some sort of activity. I aim to assist my team in the evenings once I get my kids to bed.

Who do you count on for help? Do you have a network of family that answer the call?
Unfortunately, we don’t have a huge support system aside from my parents. They live over an hour away and the kids go for mini vacations  several times a year for 2 to 3 days.  However, my mom is my rock. She is one of my business partners and has also achieved huge success. She is always there to offer advice over the phone and even pray with me at times. I know that if I really need her, she will be here for me, however together Devon and I manage quite well. Our graphic design company is very labour intensive, so my husband often works long hours. We aim to plan our weeks ahead so Devon knows when I need help for events, but I love that I can often do what I need to do when the girls are at school. They are 6 and 8 now, and understand if we require to be on the phones occasionally. I really aim to do everything when they are out at school or in bed though. Raising them is my number one priority. We also have a couple teenage babysitters that we adore, if things get too hectic.

Angie Wagenaar family - Milton Mompreneur

Have you ever had to sacrifice something at home for work? Or vice versa? 
I am not a huge TV watcher, but I am seriously behind on movies. Sometimes Devon and the kids will watch a movie and I use the time to get caught up. I have a joke that when I reach a huge goal I am striving for,  I will have a movie marathon night and watch all the movies I missed. I love what I do so I don’t really feel like I am having to miss out on anything huge. I don’t really require a lot of down time. Helping people and working in my business makes me happy and really fills me up.

What do you do on a day off? Do you even know what a day off is? 
Devon and I are huge family people and live by the strategy “work hard, play hard”. We love hiking on the escarpment, taking our kids to the theatre, and going for a pedicure.  We also enjoy going to visit my parents in Stratford, and spending time with them. Family is everything to us. Sometimes we leave the girls there and go shopping. I really do love shopping 😉

Angie Wagenaar of Isagenix - Mompreneur Award of Merit winner

Are you active in your community? What does supporting local mean to you?
I love the community we live in and have been part of the Milton Mompreneurs group since it began over 5 years ago. I credit the support of Maria and the friends that I have met through this network for my success first year. Devon often laughs that when I go out, I know at least 5 people every time. This is one of the reasons we adore living in Milton; it reminds me of the small town I grew up in. I aim to attend fundraisers each year and give back as much as possible. I especially love silent auctions; I once went crazy at the silent auction at the Mompreneurs® Red Carpet Night, and ended up winning about 5 different big ticket bids  including a coach purse and a photo session! It was for a great cause though.

Name another entrepreneur who inspires you.
I am a huge fan of Darren Hardy who wrote the Compound Effect. I get his daily emails and listen to his audio book regularly. Many times we think we need to spend an enormous amount of time to achieve something great. I see people quit what they really believe in and want to do because they are burned out. Stopping and starting never works well, however, consistently working towards your goal a little bit every day will set the compound effect into motion and bring huge rewards.

John Maxwell is also a business leadership coach I follow. I discovered his material many years ago when working full-time and he continues to inspire me through his books. My core values truly align with what he teaches.

Susan Sly is an incredible 7 figure income earner within the company I have aligned myself with. I am on weekly mentoring calls with her and she has overcome incredible odds to achieve success. She is a wonderful leader and I have listened to many of her podcasts and read her books also.

What does the future look like for you and your business?
Everyday I am full of gratitude for both of our businesses. Devon J Andrew Design ( and our Network Marketing business have grown year over year in the past few years, and both earn an annual income of 6 figures. Now that I have reached this milestone in my network marketing business of 6 figures, my goal is to assist many others to achieve a 6 figure income as well.  Isagenix grew 62% last year with the mission of becoming the largest health and wellness company in the world – I would say that things are definitely looking positive! Integrity is extremely important to us and we feel a huge sense of respect and love for the culture of our company.

Isagenix products - Angie Wagenaar, Mompreneur

Any tips for moms thinking of starting a business?
Carve out some time to invest in your business, even if it is only 1 to 2 hours a day to start. The compound effect will work in your favour. Also, communicate to your family what your goals and dreams are. Celebrate together when you reach a goal. Our kids know that we can go to Disney and on family vacation more often when I work on my business. I also set up mini rewards like an afternoon at the spa together if I hit a particular goal I have set out. I remember telling my kids one week that I was going to hit a big milestone in my business, I was determined! There is nothing like having your children asking you every day if you have reached it yet. I really believe I may have quit if it wasn’t for their belief in me that week. I kept pushing until it was done because I didn’t want them to think their mom was a quitter.  Thankfully, I did achieve it, but even if I didn’t, they would see that it wasn’t because I gave up too quickly.

Don’t give up! We have developed two successful businesses and yes, the first year in both were not very profitable. You will need to switch from an employee mindset to an entrepreneur mindset. Many businesses don’t even turn a profit in the first 24 months. Thankfully, home-based businesses have little overhead and lots of amazing tax write-offs, so if your business can be from home, you will probably earn faster.

Finally, work on your mindset and surround yourself with positive people that support your dreams. Sometimes the people we love hold us back because they are afraid they will lose us. You may need to distance yourself for a short time or let them know how important this is to you. Set daily, weekly and monthly goals, and put them up where you can see them every day.

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