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7 Reasons to Switch Insurance Providers

Written by The TruShield Insurance Team

TruShield Insurance tips for Small Business Owners and Mompreneurs

If you’re a mompreneur, then you may likely fall into the category of small business owner. If you’re a small business owner, you need small business insurance. If you have small business insurance then we hope you’re insured with TruShield Insurance. If you’re a TruShield customer, we’ll be right there with you as your business grows.

We understand that you may look for a new insurance provider someday. While the idea of this hurts, we understand why you might want to switch to another provider. Here are 7 reasons why you should switch.

  1. You want a BIGGER insurance company
    It can be tempting to choose one of the big name insurance companies.  At TruShield, we recognize that we’re smaller and have to work harder to stand out from the big players. We have an entrepreneurial spirit. Like you, we want to make new connections. That is why we partner with organizations that support small businesses, like the Mompreneurs® group. Being small means we can move fast. And doesn’t that mean we have a lot in common?
  2. You want to pay more for insurance
    When your business grows, you might ask yourself what you would get from a more expensive insurance policy from one of the big insurance providers. Although it might seem like an upgrade, paying more for your insurance doesn’t mean you’re getting a better product. For example, you could lose free services that your previous provider offered, or compromise on customer service with a company that sees you as policy number instead of a person.
  3. You prefer to deal with a broker
    Many insurance companies rely on insurance brokers. Companies make deals with brokers and pay the brokers a commission to sell their insurance policies. That may not be a good fit for your business. Likewise, the providers they recommend may not have the small business expertise that TruShield does. We’re different. We deal with our customers directly. No middlemen. If you feel like you need another middleman in your business, then choose a broker.
  4. Your therapist and lawyer offer free advice
    TruShield offers two free services: Legal Assist and Trauma Assist. A situation could arise where you need professional legal advice or counselling. If you are good friends with a licensed therapist and a practicing lawyer who are willing to provide you with free advice, we would understand if you switched to an insurance company that didn’t provide these services.
  5. You’re moving your operations outside of Canada
    TruShield is 100% Canadian owned and only insures businesses that operate within Canada. We’re proud to be Canadian and are proud to support the small business community. If you want to move your business to another country, then we understand why you would look for an insurance company based outside of Canada, eh.
  6. You can’t stand convenience or having choices
    We try to make paying for your insurance as easy as possible. We offer discounts when you pay annually, 0% financing, and no cancellation fees. Many of our customers pay by credit card because it’s convenient and allows them to collect points. We understand that using a credit card can be tempting and that choice can be overwhelming. We would understand if you switched to another provider that didn’t offer these tempting conveniences.
  7. You like to be diversified with different providers
    Most people don’t buy everything at one store. You buy your drinks from a coffee shop, your clothes from a retailer and produce from a grocer. We get that. But at TruShield we don’t just offer small business insurance. We now also offer personal insurance products like auto insurance, home insurance and travel insurance, all from the same place. We think it’s just easier to have one provider for everything.


If you fall under one of these categories, we understand why you might want to switch insurance providers. But, if you’re looking for an insurance company that understands your needs, proudly supports the small business community, and helps you manage your cash flow then let’s keep this relationship going strong



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TruShield Insurance is a proud partner of Mompreneurs®. We offer simple and affordable insurance solutions for Canadian small businesses. Whether you’re a consultant, an app builder, or a retail business owner, your insurance needs are as unique as you are. We offer small business insurance to protect your employees, customers, suppliers, equipment, inventory, and most importantly, yourself and everything you’ve worked hard to build.

At TruShield, we think it’s important that small business owners like you know exactly what you’re getting from your insurance company. We strive to make insurance easy to understand so that you can feel confident that your small business is protected from the unexpected. Our Small Business Insurance Advisors can help you understand your insurance needs. Let us tailor a solution that fits your business. To learn more about TruShield insurance, visit our website.



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