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5 Ways to Be More Present for Your Family

be present with familyHave you ever been with your family, but not really been with them? 

We all do it; we are physically sitting in the living room, but we are so focused on whatever else we are doing that we barely even notice that they are talking to us.

We spend so much time away from our family that the time we spend together is precious and should be valued.


Here are five tips that will help even the busiest mompreneur be more present for her family:

Stay in the moment.

Make an effort to be totally focused on your family when you are with them.  Don’t allow your mind to drift to work or to your list of tasks to do tomorrow.

Use your drive home to decompress.

Listen to music and try to let the day go so that by the time you get home you have left your work behind.

Set clear boundaries between your work and family time.

Try to keep your computer closed on evenings and weekends.  Your family deserves this time with you and it’s hard to focus on them when you’re distracted with your work.

Practice mindful meditation.

Mindful meditation can help you become more aware and present in the moment.

Have fun.

Nothing keeps you present like a dance party!  Have fun with your family and just enjoy each other’s company.


The best gift you can give your family is to spend your time with them, and by successfully achieving a work-life balance you will also be happier and healthier.

Written By: Karen Bivand
Photo Credit: Wave Break Media

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