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5 Reasons You Should Never Go to Work Sick

ID-10042902The cold and flu season is here, and often daily work for a mompreneur comes with a box of tissues in one hand and a bottle of cold medicine in the other.  While it’s perfectly fine to work at home on your computer while your nose drips and you explode into a coughing fit every five minutes, you need to do yourself and everyone else a favour by staying home if you work outside of your home.

Here are five reasons that the wise mompreneur doesn’t show up sick:

You might get others sick.

They won’t thank you for it and it’s bad karma!

You’ll get sicker.

Running around in this cold weather is not helping your immune system.  You’ll kick this thing faster if you give your body a chance to rest.

It’s bad for your image.

It’s hard to look cute or even professional when you’re sporting puffy eyes and a red nose.  Besides, do you want your customers to perceive you as sick?!

It’s the perfect reason to take a day off.

If you’re trying to find work-life balance, then now is the time.  There’s no better reason to take it easy.

Because you can.

When you are an entrepreneur, there are always things that you can do from home.  Owning your own business affords you that flexibility.  You might even be able to catch up on something that you’ve been putting off for a while.  Just take it easy and don’t work too hard.

Stay healthy and keep warm!


(Written by: Karen Bivand, image courtesy of “Ambro” via

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