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4 Ways You Can Save Money on Business Travel

Written by Sacha Pinto

Travelling for business is often a necessary expense, but there are ways that you can make the most of it, and save a few dollars in the process!

Flight Passes
Do you travel frequently by air? If you make frequent trips, you should look into buying a flight pass with your national carrier. Benefits can include:

  • Certainty of price
  • Depending on the pass, ability to sign up multiple employees so even if one leaves, a pass can still be used.
  • Year-long validity

Corporate Rates
If you have frequent overnight business trips, you might qualify for corporate rates at a hotel. This works well when you tend to use the same hotel or at least the same hotel chain. Generally, hotels will consider corporate rates starting at 50 room nights/year. If you don’t use that many, consider asking any associations that you might be affiliated with to see if you can take advantage of rates they may have established. This holds true for car rentals as well.

Hotel Shuttle
Consider booking a hotel that offers a shuttle to and/or from the airport. You could more than likely save $40+ on a one way trip!

Consider Using a Travel Agency
Although they charge service fees, travel agencies and the right travel agent can end up saving you hundreds or thousands of dollars when in a crunch. What if you book all your travel arrangements and then your client asks you to postpone your meeting? If you booked online, you may have opted to book the least expensive, non-refundable fares and hotels. Travel agents are the travel experts, with the right connections. They are the curator of hotel savings and airline savings, and can help you in crunches like these and more. They can also save you time by being a one stop shop for convenience, without sacrificing choice.


The bottom line is, as an entrepreneur, you are likely going to experience the costs of business travel, big or small, at some point during your entrepreneurial journey. Hopefully these tips can help you save some dollars when that time comes!



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