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4 ways to Nurture the “Mom” in Mompreneur

Written by Robbin McManne

I see a lot of myself in my fellow Mompreneurs; we are smart, strong, determined, and talented. We aren’t just the CEOs of our businesses, we are also the CEOs of our families! With everything we do to nurture our businesses, we are also, simultaneously, nurturing our family, our relationships with our spouses, cooking, cleaning, shopping, shuttling kids to and from school and a plethora activities.

Hands up if there are times you feel exhausted and overwhelmed?

A few weeks ago I was at my computer, trying to get my latest parenting course finished, watching the clock for when my boys got home from school (I wasn’t going to get much done when they got home), remembering that I didn’t have anything ready for dinner… and I then realized that I was forgetting to breathe!! I was sitting at my computer clenching my teeth and holding my breath – yikes! I did not leave my corporate marketing job to feel MORE stressed, so I started to reflect on what was going on with me.

From this experience, I’ve come up with 4 easy ways to nurture yourSELF as a Mompreneur:

1. Take notice of what you are needing right now.

Do you need help? Do you need a break? Maybe you need to say no more? When you feel out of alignment, agitated, or overwhelmed – stop. Take a minute and ask yourself what it is that you are needing in the moment. What can you do to push you into a more positive space that creates momentum? We all know there are actions we can take that simply make us happy, give us energy and make us feel alive! What are those things you do when life seems to be going smoothly, and what’s missing when life is more of a struggle?

Taking some time to identify these actions is your opportunity to course correct and recommit to what you need to do for YOU. Some of mine are: spending time with my husband, cuddling with my boys, going out with my friends, eating whole foods, and taking time to be on my own.

What do you need to give you the push you need to get into a better space and mindset? This doesn’t mean everything will be perfect, but you will have a stronger sense of yourself when you are tending to the core needs you have.

One of my friends and fellow YVR Mompreneur members, Julie Boyer, introduced me to the “When Life Works List”, which is a daily list of small things you can do for yourself to keep you in a positive space. If you click here, you can download your own WLWL!

2. Go easy on yourself.

Allow yourself grace to accept imperfection and let go of the way things ‘should’ look.

We think we have to do it all, all of the time, but it’s simply not true.

Give yourself grace if you are making PB&J for dinner for the third night I a row or give your kids some extra screen time so you can get some work done. Maybe you yelled at your kids, but your anger was really about the frustrating exchange you had with a customer that put you over the edge. Go easy on yourself, we have all been there, we have all struggled and you are certainly NOT ALONE! That leads me to…

3. Accept help. (Oh – and ask for it too!)

I know we want to do everything on our own! But the truth is that we can’t always do it all. So why don’t we ask or have a hard time accepting help? Maybe we are scared someone will find out we don’t really have all of our stuff together? I know it sounds scary but invite people in to your life. Because when you admit that you’re real, and not perfect, you’re creating a huge shift in the perception of perfectionism that external sources like social media can create.

Here is the biggest secret to accepting help…You not only bless yourself, but you bless the giver as well! When someone offers you help, it makes them HAPPY when you accept!

4. Pause… and take in the good.

Sometimes when we are overwhelmed, its hard to see that life is filled with moments of joy and beauty. There is science that shows that we are wired to see the negative things in life and not notice the joy and beauty around us. This goes back to our caveman brains where negative experiences were more memorable (for survival) and positive experiences were not as important.

The good news is that you can beat the system!

You can rewire your brain to notice the beauty and joy.

Most of our days are filled with experiences that are ‘good’, ‘bad’ and ‘neutral’. In fact, most are probably neutral and good, like a seeing your child’s face in the morning, the comfortable chair at your desk, your delicious morning coffee, someone’s kindness, getting through a list of emails or finishing your Mompreneur blog post.

Why should you care? Because noticing only the negative makes you irritable, anxious, impatient and unhappy BUT when you turn your attention to the positive, this is where inner peace lives!

You feel happier, peaceful and more patient. I want to make it clear that I’m not suggesting that you simply “look on the bright side,” but that you notice what is also true…that beauty and joy also exist when there is overwhelm and struggle.

Remember, these moments of overwhelm and stress do not define you as a Mompreneur, mom or person. They are here to teach us what it is that’s missing in this moment. Thank you to all my fellow Mompreneurs who have already taught me so much. I am so proud to be a part of this group of inspiring and dynamic women.

P.S. If you are in a place where life is going well and you are winning at life and business, I invite you to reach out to someone who might be struggling and offer them support and guidance. It will bless your life and theirs!

mompreneur Robbin McManne, owner of Parenting for Connection in Vancouver, BC - Certified Parent Coach

Robbin McManne is an Elite+ Mompreneur member based out of Vancouver, BC. She is the Founder and Owner of Parenting for Connection, where she helps to support clients with solutions that fit with today’s modern, complicated world so they have more peace in their family. As a Certified Parent Coach, Robbin helps her clients to be happier parents and achieve more harmony in their homes and experience more joy as a family.



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