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4 Visual Content Trends to Try for your Business

Written by Katy Takaoka

content marketing trends to try for mompreneurs by katy takaoka

It’s no secret, visual content performs best on social media. There are entire platforms dedicated to visual content: Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat… the list is endless.

Human beings are visual beings. We process things in pictures, and a picture is worth a thousand words. So, it’s no wonder the most engaging social media content comes in the form of images and videos. In this article, I’ve listed some of my favourite visual content trends to inspire you to try something new in your content strategy. Here goes:

1. Video

You didn’t think I’d write an article about visual content without mentioning video, did you?! Video continues to be the fastest growing trend in social media content. It sets you apart from your competition because most people are terrified of doing it and are under the erroneous impression that you need a ton of fancy equipment.

In terms of content, the world is your oyster: give a tip, give a product demo, host a Q&A session, interview a client, go behind-the-scenes in your business… so many options!

When it comes to the type of video, you’ve got three main choices:

Live Streaming
Platforms such as Facebook Live and Periscope let you interact with your followers in real time. Consider scheduling regular broadcasts, like every Tuesday at 2pm, and it’s almost like having your own TV show!

On Camera
For those who aren’t yet comfortable with the thought of live-streaming, but know that video is the next logical step in the social media strategy, on-camera videos that are recorded and then uploaded to a platform like YouTube, Vimeo, or Facebook are perfect.

Whether it’s because you’re not ready or comfortable to be seen on camera yet, or because you want to switch things up a bit, animated videos are fun! You can choose whether or not you want to do a voice over or simply have music.

Of course, the best animated videos are produced by someone who is an expert, but if that’s not in your budget yet, there are a couple of other options to consider:

  • Photo slideshows put together in a program like PowerPoint or Movie Maker. (I’m a PC girl – I know my Mac lovin’ friends can suggest some other apps and programs!)
  • Moovly, which lets you create animated videos and then export them to upload to social media later. I’ve played with Moovly a bit and had fun, but I found it took too much time for me to get the hang of. I still think it’s worth checking out, though!

2. Add Emoticons to Your Images

I’ve been seeing this more and more, and I love the effect! I’ve seen them added to photos and included with infographics. One way to do this is to upload your photo to Facebook and then tap “edit” – from there you can add FB stickers to the picture.

Another way to do this is with a browser extension called EmojiOne. You can also download their complete library of emoticons to use in other projects.

3. Brand Your Memes

Memes and images of inspirational quotes are highly “shareable” pieces of content. You’ve likely shared tons of them from other social media profiles, so isn’t it time you created your own?

Your best bet is to always go with a graphic designer who can create, at the very least, a “background” or a “template” for you to superimpose your favourite quotes (or heck, your own quotes!) onto with a tool like Picmonkey or Canva.

Barring that, check out Pablo by Buffer. It’s a free tool with hundreds of thousands of free images that you can use to create your own simple graphics. It also allows you add your own logo to it. And if you’re stuck for content/quote ideas, there’s an extensive library of quotes to choose from.

4. Short Text-Only Updates on Facebook

You might have noticed that posts with less than 200 characters appear on Facebook in a much larger font. I’m counting this as “visual content” because it stands out from everything else on the newsfeed.

It works on desktop, mobile, and with Business Pages. It will also increase the size of any emoticons you use. The caveat here is that you can’t add anything else to the post – no images, no check-ins, no feelings/activities… just text and emoticons. If you’ve got something short ‘n sweet to say, give it a shot!

Which of these trends will you add to your social content mix? Leave a comment and let me know!

Katy Takaoka, Mompreneur - SBT Virtual Inc.Katy Takaoka is an Elite Mompreneur® Member from London Ontario, and is the owner of SBT Virtual Inc.


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