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2020 Mompreneur Awards for female entrepreneurs in Canada

How Are Mompreneur® Award Winners Determined?

It’s important that you read the FULL CONTEST RULES & REGULATIONS, but for a condensed answer, this should help! The Mompreneur® Awards consist of 3 Stages before winners are determined:

STAGE 1 – Entry, Nominations & Voting  —  (Sept. 25 – Dec. 15, 2019)

ENTRY: Eligible women entrepreneurs can either enter into the Mompreneur® Awards themselves, or they may be nominated by someone else.

NOMINATIONS: If someone is nominated for a Mompreneur® Award, the nominee will be notified, and is required to complete an online entry application in order to officially enter the contest.

VOTING: Online public voting is made available from December 9th until December 15th, 2019, with voters being able to cast votes for multiple entrants, at a maximum of one vote per entrant, daily.

STAGE 2 – Determining Finalists  —  (Dec. 15, 2019 – Jan. 9, 2020)

All entrants will be given a weighted score of points, in order to advance to the ‘Finalist’ stage of the Awards. The 25 entrants (5 per Award Category) with the most number of accumulated weighted points will be named to the “Finalists” list, based on the following criteria:

  • Number of years registered as a Mompreneur® Member (x 100 pts/year)
  • Weighted number of public votes (x 5 pts for every 10 votes / x 500 pts for 1,000 votes)
  • Impression Rating from Judges based on entry information (max. 500 pts/entrant)

STAGE 3 – Announcing Finalists, Essays & Media  —  (Jan.10 – Feb. 27, 2020)

Once all 25 Finalists are announced publicly, they each will have 2 weeks to craft and then submit a “Finalist Essay“, covering every aspect of their business. These essays are then submitted to our Judges Panel, where they will be carefully read and reviewed. All finalists will be scored according to a weighted list of criteria, including (where applicable per category):

Product/Service Innovation: Is the product innovative and/or helpful to address the needs of the greater community? Are there key differentiators for the business which have attributed to its success?

Growth Potential & Scalability: Does the business and/or business owner show potential for growth, whether through geographic or market expansion, product line extension, franchising, etc?

Revenue: Does the business possess a healthy revenue stream, demonstrating that the business has moved beyond the idea stage to one able to derive revenue?

Community Impact: Has the finalist made a meaningful and positive impact on the community through donations, leadership roles, community involvement, etc?

Inspiration to Others: Does the finalist have an inspirational story that will inspire other moms to choose the path of entrepreneurship? Does she represent herself as a positive role model for others, including her family and peers?


All finalists must be available and able to attend the National Mompreneurs® Conference & Awards Ceremony in Toronto, Ontario on March 27-28, 2020 – travel and accommodations are at the expense of each entrant, however access passes to the event will be provided to all finalists.

All finalists must also be available for possible media segments (radio, television, print, photography) leading up to and including the National Mompreneurs® Conference & Awards Ceremony, from January 10 – March 31, 2020. Past media coverage for finalists has included Breakfast Television, Global News, CBC News, CTV Canada AM, Newstalk 1010 Radio, The Globe & Mail, The Huffington Post, Sirius XM Radio, The Toronto Star, CH Morning Live, Rogers Daytime, The Hamilton Spectator, and more.

All finalists will be promoted via press releases to media, including print, radio, and television – though coverage cannot be guaranteed, the team behind The Mompreneur® Awards works diligently to ensure that each finalist receives recognition for their achievements.

What is the benefit to an entrant in asking for votes? (do we have to?)

No, you don’t have to ask people to vote for you, BUT….

Yes, voting is SO important!

Aside from the fact that it encourages entrants to promote themselves and ask for support (c’mon ladies, you can do it!), asking for votes and accumulating enough votes can help entrants earn a spot on the ‘Finalists’ list. This is especially helpful if an entrant has not been a Mompreneur®  member for a long period of time.

Who/What determines how long an entrant has been a Mompreneur® member? How are points allocated for this?

Our database keeps a record of when someone has officially registered as a Mompreneur® Member. Points are allocated based on the YEAR that an entrant has registered, with 100 points granted per year:

Registered in 2018 = 100 points
Registered in 2017 = 200 points
Registered in 2016 = 300 points
Registered in 2015 or earlier = 400 points

Example:  if Entrant “A” registered as a Mompreneur® Member on January 30th, 2019 and Entrant “B” registered as a Mompreneur® Member on December 1st, 2019, BOTH members would be allocated 100 points for this particular criteria. We have capped the number of allocatable points for this criteria at a maximum of 400 points.

What is the “Impression Rating” that Judges will allocate points for?

There will be a select number of judges allocated for each Award Category. Judges will be asked to review EACH entrant within their allocated Award Category, and grant them points based on their overall impression of the entrant’s information and company overview. Basically, the judges are granting points for those entrants that they’d like to learn more about – the higher the points, the better!

Do you have to be a mom and/or a Mompreneur® member in order to enter?

It is required that you are a Mompreneur® Member (at any level, free or paid) in order to enter the annual Mompreneur® Awards.

It is not required that you are a mom.

Does it matter when I enter the awards?

Entry for The 2020 Mompreneur® Awards begins on September 25, 2019, and ends on December 8, 2019. The earlier you enter, the better (so it’s done and out of the way!), however entering earlier in the contest or later will not affect your potential to advance to the finalists round. All entries will be made live for public voting at the same time, on Monday December 9, 2019 at 9:00amET.

Does getting the most votes guarantee that an entrant will become a finalist and/or win an award?

Accumulating votes guarantees an entrant will gain additional points to build their cumulative score in order to make it to the “Finalists” stage. The number of votes accumulated does not guarantee that an entrant will become a finalist, nor does it guarantee that they will win an award. All confirmed finalists will earn their spot through combined points from number of years as a Mompreneur® member, accumulated votes, and “Impression Ratings” from judges.

I’ve already entered the Mompreneur® Awards in previous years – am I still allowed to enter for 2020? Is it even worth it?

Yes! There is no limitation to how often you can enter as a nominee in our Awards. Additionally, if you won a Mompreneur® Award in previous years, but qualify for an additional category this year, you are welcome to enter! And every year the awards are different – different entrants, different judges, different YOU! So YES – it’s worth it to enter, no matter if you made it to a Finalists position in the past or not!

Have more questions, and need answers? Please email for more information on The 2018 Mompreneur® Awards.

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