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Out of 1,250+ nominations that were delivered, and 152 approved entrants that advanced, we are thrilled to congratulate all 30 women and their 28 businesss named as Finalists for The 2019 Mompreneur® Awards, and to congratulate the 20 women named as this year’s “Ones to Watch”. This collection of powerful women in business has proven that their dedication to their craft and their passion for both family and business are setting them apart in Canada’s entrepreneurial landscape. Next stop – announcing our WINNERS at The 2019 National Mompreneurs Conference, March 1-2 in Toronto!

The 2019 Mompreneur® Award of Excellence

Naming Canada’s Official Mompreneur® of the Year for 2019

2019 Mompreneur Award of Excellence Finalist HEBA AHMED MALKI of Domilya Group

Heba Ahmed Malki

Milton, Ontario  |  Member since 2011

domilya GROUP is a team of skilled and dedicated contractors with decades of training and experience. Featured on HGTV and CityTV, we are experts in designing, renovating and building and have been transforming your dreams into a reality since 2004. We have our own design boutique and offer basement, bathroom, kitchen, custom and commercial renovations.


2019 Mompreneur Award of Excellence Finalist JACQUELINE DE'ATH of Homeworks Etc.

Jacqueline De’Ath

Langley, British Columbia  |  Member since 2015

Homeworks Etc. offers DIY experiences and empowers DIY workshop leaders to succeed by building community based on warmth, social connection and belonging. Delivering rich, shared learning experiences; inspiring creative and co-operative contribution; supporting and celebrating well-being and accomplishment; and cultivating passion and joy through the creative process of painting home decor.


2019 Mompreneur Award of Excellence Finalist JB OWEN of Lotus Liners

JB Owen

Red Deer, Alberta  |  Member since 2018

Lotus Liners creates the most comfortable, reliable, eco-friendly, washable feminine liners on the planet. We give women a happier, healthier experience during her period. Our products come in sizes teen to XXL so every woman feels safe and secure during her menstruation. Our efforts are to enhance the uniqueness of women through our products, programs and partnerships. We believe being a woman is magnificent and by enhancing that, we facilitate the betterment of this planet, and every woman on it.


2019 Mompreneur Award of Excellence Finalist LINDSAY WHISEN of Ease Up

Lindsay Whisen

Brampton, Ontario  |  Member since 2014

Ease Up rescues people suffering with clutter and disorganization associated stress. With our fantastic people and trusted process, we optimize the use of people’s space and belongings. When we do that, we simultaneously optimize their energy, time and sanity. We set-up people’s physical spaces with organizing systems that allow them to function with ease: the absence of difficulty and effort.


2019 Mompreneur Award of Excellence Finalist TATUM WOOD of Tiber + Gray

Tatum Wood

Nanaimo, British Columbia  |  Member since 2017

Timber + Gray is a collection of hand crafted an carefully curated home and lifestyle goods. We’re passionate about cozy, “lived in” homes. We are makers of farmhouse wood signs and furniture. Each of our pieces are made by hand from start to finish, and we are pleased to offer custom orders for wood signs and furniture. Words have power to provide comfort and strength. Our mission is just that; to inspire, spread love, make you laugh or possibly cry with our words.


2019 Mompreneur Award of Excellence Finalist TORILL MYRE of Torill's Table

Torill Myre

Calgary, Alberta  |  Member since 2018

Torill’s Table offers waffle mixes uniquely made with flaxseed, almonds, oatmeal, and traditional Norwegian spices to bring families back to eating a wholesome meal with the comfort of home and the ease of a package. They are best described as a waffle on the outside and a crepe on the inside, a true delight.


2019 Mompreneur Award of Excellence Finalist WENDY ARMBRUSTER of Snugabell

Wendy Armbruster

Coquitlam, British Columbia  |  Member since 2015

Snugabell empowers moms to rock the 4th trimester by designing and manufacturing high-quality, beautiful, and functional 4th trimester products that promote maternal and child health, and help moms retain a sense of individual style during a vulnerable and overwhelming time. Snugabell’s signature product, the award-winning PumpEase hands-free pumping bra, holds pump flanges in place so moms can read, eat, play on their phone, or relax while they pump hands-free.


The 2019 Mompreneurs® Momentum Award

Women Making a Difference in the Community (Locally & Globally)

2019 Mompreneurs Momentum Award Finalist DENISE BEBENEK of Meagan's Walk

Denise Bebenek

Toronto, Ontario  |  Member since 2018

Meagan’s Walk – Creating a Circle of Hope is dedicated to sharing a message of hope and raising awareness of paediatric brain tumours and the devastating effect they have on children and their families. We raise funds to support research at the Brain Tumour Research Centre at Sick Kids Hospital. Every year on Mother’s Day weekend we host a walk that ends with all participants surrounding Sick Kids hospital, joining hands and creating a circle of hope hugging the hospital and all those inside, reminding them that they are not alone in their journey. To date we have raised $5.4M to support brain tumour research but there is still so much work to do.


2019 Mompreneurs Momentum Award Finalist JESSICA JANZEN of Love for Lewiston

Jessica Janzen

Calgary, Alberta |  Member since 2018

The Love for Lewiston Foundation exists to create awareness for Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA), to bring joyful experiences spreading love and directing money to local families, and ultimately raising funds focused on treatments and finding a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy. The Foundation hosts several events throughout the year, and we have partnered with several local companies to also spread our son’s message through apparel and paper products that sell throughout North America. What was simply our family avoiding a pity party on our son’s  birthday has turned into seizing the best moments and bringing community together to raise money and give others hope. Choosing movement, bringing joy and spreading love regardless what happens around you are critical messages to spread. We are determined to find a cure and make positive change for all battling SMA.


2019 Mompreneurs Momentum Award Finalist ROBBIN MCMANNE of Parenting for Connection

Robbin McManne

Surrey, British Columbia  |  Member since 2018

Parenting for Connection‘s Robbin McManne is a Parenting Coach and author of “The Yelling Cure”. Sharing the principles of peaceful parenting with parents from all over the world, Robbin’s passion is to help parents who are struggling in their relationships with their kids. She provides a place of support and guidance where she works with parents to heal past pain, anger triggers, limiting beliefs, and damaged relationships with their kids; she teaches parents how to quickly and peacefully end conflict in their relationships, understand their anger and how they can stay calm in the face of any meltdown or emotional outburst from their kids.


2019 Mompreneurs Momentum Award Finalist TANYA DONAHUE of Mango + Moose

Tanya Donahue

Kelowna, British Columbia  |  Members since 2018

Mango + Moose is a socially conscious lifestyle brand that works with Artisans in 9 developing nations as well as featuring a Canadian line of products. Our goods are handmade, on-trend designs that provide sustainable employment and dignified job opportunities. We follow fair trade practices ensuring that fair living wages are paid, and safe working environments are maintained. Our partnerships offer women freedom from the red-light district, rehabilitation for former child soldiers as well as schooling, job training and other holistic programs. Through a team of Global Advocates in Canada we have created a marketplace known as Bazaars for friends and family to shop beautiful, unique jewellery, accessories, home and baby goods. This provides jobs for moms here in Canada and a way for all of us from Artisans, Global Advocates and consumers to work collectively for change.


2019 Mompreneurs Momentum Award Finalist TANYA HAYLES of Black Moms Connection

Tanya Hayles

Toronto, Ontario  |  Member since 2016

Black Moms Connection provides an online space for Black women across all spectrums to connect and learn from each other. The purpose of the non-profit organization is to take the conversation offline and provide tangible tools and resources that are specifically curated that will change her life and have a life long positive impact on her family and the community.


The 2019 Mompreneurs® Startup Award

Forging Success with Under 3 Years in Business

2019 Mompreneur Startup Award Finalists Anna Lozano and Lindy Sood of Love Powered Co.

Anna Lozano & Lindy Sood

Oakville, Ontario  |  Members since 2017

Our Mission at Love Powered Co™ is to power the next generation of mindful leaders – our children! – and to fuel them with positive self-talk, confidence, self-love and self-worth. Our first product​ is Love Powered Littles: positive I AM Affirmations for parents to habitually practice with their children. Mindfulness is not new. I AM Affirmations are not new. Self-discovery and personal development are not new. However, these concepts, tools, and genres of thought, are still very niche. And when it comes to tools for parents to practice with their children? They are few and far between. It’s proven that the world will be a better, more loving place if we become more present, mindful, empathetic and lead with love.


2019 Mompreneur Startup Award Finalists ANTONELLA ARGENTO and MIA SCAFF of LYNQ Nutrition Redefines

Antonella Argento & Mia Scaff

Montreal, Quebec  |  Members since 2018

LYNQ stands for “Love Yourself No Questions”. Our Superpowder blends are a simple and effective way to integrate nutrition from fruits and veggies into your lifestyle. It is our top priority to make products that anyone would be proud to serve to their families, knowing that there are NO chemicals or preservatives. LYNQ offers several functional blends including: Invincible, Empowdered, Brainiac, Beauté and Cocoamotion, with new products being developed on a regular basis. Each Superpowder blend contains up to 50% daily intake of vitamins A,B,C,D,E, K and up to 6g of fiber per serving-all from fruits and vegetables. All our products are allergen-free, gluten-free, non-gmo, vegan and contain no fillers or additives.


2019 Mompreneur Startup Award Finalist LAURA NEWTON of The Kind Matter Company

Laura Newton

Milton, Ontario |  Member since 2012

The Kind Matter Company guides families through their transition into adopting earth friendly practices within their home. We provide a quarterly, sustainable living subscription box service that focuses on eco-conscious, Canadian made products. The time period between each delivery allows subscribers to comfortably implement practices into their daily lives before new ones are introduced. We feel that offering sustainable living options into homes at a slower pace ensures that people can confidently continue with these practices without feeling overwhelmed, therefore having a positive impact on their families and on our environment. Our education focused online presence will allow subscribers to truly understand the positive impact they are making with each small effort.


2019 Mompreneur Startup Award Finalist MONICA RUFFO of Well Told Health Botanicals

Monica Ruffo

Toronto, Ontario  |  Member since 2018

Well Told Health Botanicals crafts completely clean organic supplements in an industry that is opaque and dominated by masculine brands selling  products filled with synthetics and fillers of questionable origin and efficacy. Our formulations are unique and highly efficacious and we offer complete transparency into our ingredients and the research behind them; we want women to feel empowered to care for themselves with our brand.


2019 Mompreneur Startup Award Finalist SUZIE YORKE of Love Good Fats

Suzie Yorke

Toronto, Ontario  |  Member since 2017

Love Good Fats offers 5 flavours of bars that are loaded with good fats, are low in sugar (1-2 grams only) and are ridiculously delicious. They are Keto and LCHF (Low Carbs High Fats) friendly. Eating a high fat diet gives you more energy, helps you to feel fuller longer and feel satisfied. Good fats help rev up your metabolism and are great brain food; and the best part is these bars taste delicious!


The 2019 Mompreneur® Award of Distinction

Recognition for Exemplary Success & Leadership in a Service-Based Industry

2019 Mompreneur Award of Distinction Finalist ANGELA KAFADAR of Video Power Up

Angela Kafadar

Cambridge, Ontario  |  Member since 2014

Video Power Up offers a variety of seminars, workshops and programs to teach small business owners how to leverage the power of video to support sales and marketing for their business, helping them to create their own marketing videos using their smartphones in order to gain a real competitive advantage and level the playing field with larger businesses and corporations. Angela’s super power is to listen to her clients and be able to craft impactful scripts to clearly communicate her clients products or services. The team at Video Power Up can also use their resources to write, film, edit and help with online distribution of marketing videos. We make video marketing easy!


2019 Mompreneur Award of Distinction Finalist BROOKE HOHENADEL of Bedtime Beginnings

Brooke Hohenadel

London, Ontario  |  Member since 2017

At Bedtime Beginnings, my mission is to help as many people get back to sleep as possible, so they can enjoy each day feeling well rested and healthy. I truly believe the world would be a better place if everyone slept just a little bit more. Using gentle strategies, I help change the behaviours behind poor sleep and take both children and adults from feeling over-tired and frustrated to well-rested and happy; it is a very rewarding job, and I love it!There is a lot of misinformation online, and even from our peers and support groups, because a one-size-fits-all approach doesn’t work for everyone. With a customized approach I am able to support people for a few weeks while I walk them through their sleep plan.


2019 Mompreneur Award of Distinction Finalist CAROLYN NIKKANEN of Carolyn's Model & Talent Agency

Carolyn Nikkanen

Mississauga, Ontario  |  Member since 2018

In business for over 30 years, Carolyn’s Model & Talent Agency represents Models and Actors of all ages, from Babies, Children, Teens, Adults Seniors, and also Dogs with our Hot Paws Division. Our talent can be seen in Tv Commercials, Feature Films, Television Series and Print Ads. I strive to keep ahead of the curve, with always marketing and representing our talent to the fullest potential.


2019 Mompreneur Award of Distinction Finalist CATHY THOMPSON, founder of Beyond the Classroom

Cathy Thompson

Burlington, Ontario  |  Member since 2018

Beyond the Classroom is an extraordinary tutoring organization focused on boosting confidence in the children we tutor. Our highly trained and hand-selected tutors work with parents and teachers to customize the tutoring sessions – providing exactly what the student needs. The sessions take place in the students’ home in order to meet the comfort level of the child and to give parents a much needed break from the constant shuffling around to activities. Since 1998 we have been tutoring students in grades JK to 12 in most subject areas. We are the only tutoring organization focused on the whole child. We know academic struggles do not happen in isolation – the student might be experiencing additional challenges – anxiety, depression, sleep issues, along with different learning styles & abilities.


2019 Mompreneur Award of Distinction Finalist GINETTE GUIMOND of Maple Academy of Dance

Ginette Guimond

Vaughan, Ontario  |  Member since 2017

Since its opening in 1998, Maple Academy of Dance has strived to be known for its excellence and innovative approach to all students. We offer classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet, Acrobatics, Hip Hop, Contemporary and Musical Theatre. We have a fun recreational program and an award-winning competitive team. The Art of Dance does not only benefit the student who chooses dance as a career but also the recreational dancer who will gain self-confidence, social interaction skills, physical fitness, poise and an appreciation for the performing Arts. We take pride in individuality and bringing out the best in each and every student. We are confident that every student will have an enjoyable and successful journey with us. Children learn about achieving goals, discipline, teamwork and building self-confidence – tools to lead them to becoming successful adults. Dance is our tool!


2019 Mompreneur Award of Distinction Finalist MICHELLE WATTERSON of CatNap Cottages

Michelle Watterson

Arkell, Ontario  |  Member since 2014

CatNap Cottages is setting a new standard in service and accommodations, for cats only, in Ontario. We provide an inviting atmosphere were kitty is treated like an honoured guest enjoying full maid service, absolute cleanliness and personalized room service. We have worked hard to break away from the typical kennel setting and we really do offer our guests a home-away-from-home. You deserve peace of mind while you are away. Trusting CatNap Cottages ensures that your house will be in good order and Kitty will be safe, happy and healthy upon your return.


The 2019 Mompreneur® Award of Merit

Recognizing Successful Franchisees & Consultants

2019 Mompreneur Award of Merit Finalist CHRISSY RONALDS of The Lunch Lady Hamilton

Chrissy Ronalds

Carlisle, Ontario  |  Member since 2018

The Lunch Lady began in 1993 with one Mom, one school and one lunch order. Today, The Lunch Lady delivers thousands of lunches every day to children in hundreds of schools across Canada. The Lunch Lady Hamilton serves almost 40 schools in the region with a focus on providing healthy, balanced options giving busy parents a well deserved break feeling assured that their kids are getting food that’s good for them that they enjoy! Our meals are prepared locally and every lunch is nutritionally balanced; all meals are prepared daily with care in a nut free, school safe commercial kitchen and can be modified for kids with allergies or special food needs. Best of all, every lunch is delivered to your child’s school by a smiling Lunch Lady, all of which are amazing local moms from our community!


2019 Mompreneur Award of Merit Finalist DIANAH WARRINGTON of Allysian Sciences

Dianah Warrington

Waterloo, Ontario  |  Member since 2015

Allysian Sciences™ is guided by a diverse team of individuals who are experts in their own fields. From research and development specialists to world-class athletes, our team finds the very best methods, products, and training to empower others in being better at whatever they choose to do. Beyond the need for effective nutrition, the founders identified the added value of habit creation, advanced awareness education, personal development training and scientifically validated brain training.  These approaches come together to form a complete solution to brain and health optimization.


2019 Mompreneur Award of Merit Finalist DRUPTI GLOWINKOWSKI of Senegence International, makers of LipSense

Drupti Glowinkowski

Port Coquitlam, British Columbia  |  Member since 2016

Senegence International launched its premiere product, LipSense – a long-lasting liquid lip colour – in 1999 with only 6 shades. Over the years, Senegence has grown to include a complete line of long-lasting cosmetics colors, anti-aging skincare products, advanced haircare, body care products, as well as accessories and boutique items. Senegence has grown internationally supporting thousands of successful careers and satisfying customers around the world, and remaining committed to use only the most advanced technologies to make skin more beautiful. Our products are made from both natural and scientific ingredients, and are Cruelty-Free, Vegan, Gluten Free, containing no Animal By-Products, and include minimal packaging.


2019 Mompreneur Award of Merit Finalist ROSANNA MAROUELLI of Modo Yoga Barrie

Rosanna Marouelli

Barrie, Ontario  |  Member since 2018

At Modo Yoga Barrie, our goal is to inspire people to feel more connected to themselves and the world around them through a regular yoga practice. We have weekly “karma” classes that are donation-based, and for many people in our community our studios are a ‘home away from home’. That’s why we pride ourselves on creating fun, open spaces where everyone feels welcome. We have 6 pillars that represent who we strive to be. BE HEALTHY: In mind, body, and spirit – we practice healthy living and self-care. BE COMMUNITY: We’re stronger together when we reach out and support one another. BE ACCESSIBLE: Yoga is for everyone! All abilities, bodies, and backgrounds are welcome with open arms. LIVE TO LEARN: To be anything – we must learn. Stay humble, curious, and passionate. BE GREEN: The care, respect, and protection of our planet is tied to our own well-being. BE PEACE: We cultivate harmony – inside and worldwide.


2019 Mompreneur Award of Merit Finalist YVONNE YUA of World Financial Group

Yvonne Yua

Port Coquitlam, British Columbia  |  Member since 2016

Our vision at World Financial Group is to give people from all backgrounds the power to become financial services business owners, so that every family can access financial knowledge, products, and resources to prepare for a better future. We strive to help individuals, families, and businesses create a sound strategy for the future focused on reducing debt, saving money, protecting those things that are most valuable to them, and helping entrepreneurs reach their dreams. We deliver group financial literacy seminars and one-on-one education and planning sessions. Our products and services include insurance protection, retirement strategies, post-secondary funding, business solutions, legacy strategies, and long-term care insurance.



2019 Mompreneur Awards "One to Watch" badge
Congratulations to the following entrants for The 2019 Mompreneur® Awards who were recognized as ‘Ones to Watch’, and were gifted with a complimentary VIP All-Access Pass to  The 2019 National Mompreneurs Conference in Toronto March 1-2, 2019, as well as 50 complimentary points to go towards next year’s entry! These women have incredible passion for their businesses, and garnered impressive overall ratings for this year’s Awards, getting them very close to being named Finalists!

Alicia Lyn 
— BO & CO (Milton, ON)

Alison Brett — Clasp Magic (Oakville, ON)

Alison White — Alison Gordon Studio (Oakville, ON)

Ashley Ward & Rosy Atwal — Maple Organics (Surrey, BC)

Charissa Skinner — Crushed with Love Natural Vegan Skin Care (London, ON)

Diana Ocampo — Glee Tribe (Halifax, NS)

Ejibola Adetokunbo-Taiwo — Made By Africans (Grande Prairie, AB)

Jodie Pappas — Clean Kiss Organics (Oakville, ON)

Jody Swain — Hire & Fire Your Kids App (Whitby, ON)

Julie Rock — Julie Rock Photography (Milton, ON)

Kari Fulmek  — Equine Connection (Strathmore, AB)

Kristina Maimonis — House of Jude (Georgetown, ON)

Kyla Holt — Solful Organics (Milton, ON)

Laurie MacNeill — Unique in the Creek (Stoney Creek, ON)

Madelaine Golec — ECO Physiotherapy (Mississauga, ON)

Maran Stern-Kubista — My Kindness Calendar (Toronto, ON)

Patsy Commisso — Metabolic Care Clinics (Oakville, ON)

Pina Romolo — Piccola Cucina (Winnipeg, MB)

Rachel Gray, Amy Rauscher & Hannah Day — MOGA (Oakville, ON)

Yasmina Jimenez — My Workshop (LaSalle, QC)

— 2019 Awards Timeline —

Entry & Nomination Stage
Friday September 28, 2018 to Sunday December 2, 2018

Voting Stage
Monday December 3, 2018 to Sunday December 9, 2018

LIVE Finalists Announcement (Facebook)
Friday January 11, 2019 at 11amET

LIVE Winners Announcement
Saturday March 2, 2019 at The 2019 National Mompreneurs Conference (Toronto)

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