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Tracy Munson NHP, CDC


Tracy Munson is the founder and CEO of Insight Natural Healing the specialistsin building personal foundation. She is a Natural Health Strategist and Coach with a Natural Health Practitioners (NHP) Diploma and is a certified Dream Coach® (CDC). Through comprehensive training and experience, she specializes in emotional clearing and wholistic balance, creating a foundation for success. She works to reigniting passion through discovery, clarity and specific strategies and tactics that produce results.
Tracy has a broad understanding and is experienced in working with pre-teen girls, young women and moms as they progress trough different life stages. Her compassion, empathy and open mindedness allows people to feel completely comfortable and supported through their journey.
Tracy lives near Sun Peaks, in British Columbia, Canada with her family, husband Owen Munson and their four young children. She is currently working on her first book “Finding You In Mom”.

“With her kind and gentle ways, Tracy had encouraged my growth on the deepest of levels and always ensures to check-in on my progress along the way.  Without Tracy, I believe that I would not have achieved the overall balance and stability I was seeking.”
Mom & Entrepreneur

A little more about Tracy:

Tracy was born in New Westminster, British Columbia, Canada.

As a mother of four young children, she has learned that keeping her personal foundation strong is crucial and necessary in moving forward with a wholistic balanced life. Tracy believes being self-aware and self-observant, every challenge is an opportunity to learn, grow, and better oneself.

It is Tracy’s passion to assist others to overcome their challenges and to see their shift(s) that allow them to move forward in their lives.

As a Natural Health Strategist and Coach, Tracy knows that her life events have made her who she is today and that is why she is so passionate about assisting others to see the same. To acknowledge, learn, and progress forward with each event.

My Vision Statement:
“For all to think of themselves as no less than extraordinary!”






Kamloops, BC

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