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Teresa Cirillo


Although Owner/Director Teresa Cirillo has been a vocal teacher and coach for many years, Studio E officially opened its doors in 2009. It is the product of Teresa?۪s vision, to create a nurturing environment for students to explore and cultivate their musical and performing arts talents.

In four short years, the studio grew in size and service offerings. It expanded from a single room operation to a seven-room facility, growing from 20 to 170 vocal students and 400 students in total. Even though Teresa was and is still focused on teaching vocals, she was attentive to the range of service requests from her students and their families. She delivered by retaining instructors in other disciplines who are equally passionate about providing an extraordinary learning experience.

Studio E boasts a full range of vocal, instrumental, and performing arts training at recreational and professional levels, offering programs that are suitable for all stages of life. Private lessons are available for bass, drums, flute, guitar, piano, trumpet, viola, violin, and vocals including acting. There are group classes in acting, guitar, piano, voice, and theory. Studio E?۪s competitive vocal team, Kindermusik, Rock Band, and the MeloTree round out our additional programs.



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