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Korean Whitney


I have been a financial broker and educator since January 2000. I am the mother of four great kids (now a gramma!) and was a stay-at-home prior to discovering the world of financial literacy. I fell in love with what we do right from my first appointment as an “apprentice” advisor. I watched my trainer knock the socks off the people we were meeting with (myself included!) and I’ve never looked back! That “wow” factor and ability to instill hope for the financial future of families never gets old! My other passion is mentoring and training new advisors. This is the core of my business today that allows me to touch many, many more families but also, to leave a legacy for my family for generations to come. My business extends across various parts of Canada from BC to Newfoundland. Our goal is to start building in the USA by mid-2017:)




#1-769 Southdale Road East, London, Ontario

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