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Danielle Joworski


Inspirational thought-leader connecting women and girls to themselves and each other, helping each other to see, feel and BE the leader ~ Heroine ~ of their life story.

In 2015, I awakened to the power of my own stories and realized the impact on my daughter. I now use my international bestselling and award-winning book, The ATHENA Prodigies: Empowering Women Empowering Girls, plus my 15+ years in leadership, instructional design, training, mentoring and being a ‘Corporate Mom’ in a different way. I help other Moms who feel they are struggling to lead themselves and their daughters to achieve that empowered life that they talk about, and want to live … together.

I help connect other women and girls, Moms and daughters, to themselves and each other, through the art of storytelling.

I rely on my leadership background when I speak and facilitate workshops that create unique environments and opportunities for women and girls to reflect on the stories that they tell themselves, hear, and believe … together.

The outcome is unique in that as women and girls discover their own ability to see, feel and BE the leader of their life stories ~ the Heroine, they gain a new perspective of the leadership qualities of the woman or girl that they are sharing their stories with.

My delight in connecting Mom’s and daughters falls closely behind my love for my family and rocking an amazing pair of shoes. I spend my free time living the rep-hockey lifestyle, at pools, thrift shopping, and reading while listening to a truly diverse library of music from hard rock to classical.

I am honored to be able to give back within my community as a Facilitator for the Teen Cognitive Behavioral Therapy with the CMHA, Committee Member/Presenter at the 2016 Guelph Y Power of Being a Girl conference, and support #TamponTuesday initiatives for women and girls in the Guelph community.



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