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Christine Vandenbor


What would your life be like with more fun, more joy, more flow?

Somewhere in between growing older, working, managing a household, and raising a family… we’ve lost the time (or energy!) to find time for ourselves to play, learn new things, and get out into the world.

Women at Play is here to give you the gift of time that is wholly and truly yours! Time to play and meet new wonderful women, time to take a break from the nitty-gritty of life, and time to play! Women at Play was founded to help women like you excel at life by incorporating more play and FUN into your month. Through small groups of women and specifically chosen activities (think painting, dancing, and creating!) we help you get out of your mind and into your zone… the play zone!monthly included without membership

What would your life be like with more fun, more joy, more flow? Incorporating more play in your life will trickle over in these ways!

I need this… and I think you do too.

I am passionate about women feeling alive and excited about their lives! I want to pamper you, take care of you and lift you up… all while having FUN! Women do SO much for others, but it is so important to do things for ourselves as well.


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